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Indianapolis Divorce Attorneys from Adler Law Offer Divorce 101 Tips on Spousal Maintenance


Indianapolis, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/20/2012 -- As anyone who has gone through a divorce knows quite well, it can be an incredibly difficult time for all involved parties.

Since the day it opened for business, Indianapolis divorce attorneys from Adler Law have worked hard to help each and every client through the stressful and often overwhelming maze of divorce, child custody and spousal maintenance.

For example, one area that clients are often unsure about when consulting with Indianapolis divorce lawyers is whether a spouse is entitled to or expected to pay alimony. Indiana is not an alimony state. However, under limited circumstances, an Indiana court may provide a spouse temporary alimony called “maintenance.”

Michael J. Adler, who founded Adler Law, understands that many people have questions about what is referred to as “maintenance to rehabilitate a spouse.” That is why he recently wrote a “Divorce 101” article that explains this legal situation.

“A court can order one spouse to make regular payments for the benefit of the other spouse, following a divorce, to assist the other spouse in ‘rehabilitating’ himself or herself via education,” Adler noted in the article, adding that the Court will consider four factors when ordering rehabilitative maintenance.

For example, the educational level of each spouse at the time of the marriage and at the time of the divorce will be taken into consideration, as will whether an interruption in the spouse’s education was a result of homemaking or child care responsibilities.

In addition, Adler said the earning capacity of each spouse including educational background and length of absence from the job market, and the time and expense to acquire additional education or training to enable the spouse to find employment will be considered.

“An order for rehabilitative maintenance cannot exceed a period of three years from and after the date of divorce,” Adler wrote in the article.

“Such maintenance payments will normally be deductible by the spouse who pays the alimony and reportable as income by the spouse who receives the maintenance.”

With its commitment to communication and helping its clients understand the many legal questions and concerns that can accompany divorce, Adler Law prides itself on not only knowing the law, but also knowing people. In addition to support and rehabilitative maintenance issues, the firm also provides many other divorce-related services, including child custody and parenting time, post dissolution issues, and domestic partnerships.

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