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Indianapolis Injury Lawyer Adler Law LLC Launches Online Auto Accident Procedure Education Campaign


Indianapolis, IN -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2012 -- Indianapolis Injury Lawyer Adler Law LLC has launched a new online campaign to educate the public about what to do in the event of an auto accident by making extensive updates to its online information database. Adler Law LLC concentrates in Personal Injury, Family Law, Bankruptcy and Estate Planning.

While most drivers involved in an auto accident understand that exchanging insurance information is critical to protecting themselves in the process, fewer drivers understand the additional ways they can protect themselves and obtain justly deserved compensation following an auto accident. Indianapolis personal injury attorney Michael J. Adler is utilizing his law practice website as one of several planned ways to bring education on what to do after an accident to drivers in Indiana and beyond via detailed website information. “I see firsthand the number of people that have missed opportunities to help themselves following an auto accident,” said Adler. “I wanted to utilize my website to start an information campaign that would provide them with the vital information they need following an accident so that they can act automatically.”

Adler’s Personal Injury 101 campaign spells out in detail the ideal procedures to undertake when involved in an accident. Starting from the first step of contacting law enforcement, the campaign information urges drivers to collect full names, addresses, phone numbers, license plate numbers, car makes and models, insurance status info and more from other parties involved, passengers and witnesses if possible. Adler’s Indianapolis personal injury lawyer campaign also delves into the importance of making notes about the accident and taking pictures if possible rather than relying on memory. “Accident scene photos showing speed limit and street signs as well as skid marks and other onsite aspects will come in handy later when recounting the details to an attorney or a jury if fault is in question,” said Adler.

One of the most important aspects that Adler makes clear in the online campaign is to never speak to the other party’s insurance company before consulting with an attorney. “Insurance adjusters are pros at interviewing injured parties and eliciting admissions most favorable to the insurance company. It is unfair to expect an injured person to properly manage through the traps laid by insurance adjusters on his or her own,” said Adler. “Arming themselves with the information available in this online campaign and following it in the event of an accident makes it easier for qualified Indianapolis injury attorneys like myself to help them prove their case and obtain the compensation to cover those medical bills, lost wages, and pain & suffering.” For more information, please visit http://adlerlawonline.com/

About Adler Law LLC
Adler Law LLC concentrates in Personal Injury, Family Law, Bankruptcy and Estate Planning. Michael J. Adler has practiced law in Central Indiana for more than ten years, gaining extensive experience litigating disputes in both Indiana State and Federal courts. In addition, the attorney has extensive experience in contract negotiation, litigation management, and dispute resolution.