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India's Management Consultancy Market's Rapid Growth Is Linked to Its Business Processing Industry


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/01/2017 -- At nearly 18% year on year, India's market for management consultancy services has been the fastest-growing of any big economy over recent years. According to an expert from The Business Research Company, this rapid growth is in part related to the country's vigorous offshoring industry, in which companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook and large banks carry out significant elements of their business processing in India to take advantage of its low cost base. These large Western companies either operate through subsidiaries or through Indian companies like Tata Consulting. In either case they encourage or require adaptation of their business processors' operations, finance and technology, leading the subsidiaries or suppliers to use management consultancy to help them adapt.

The two largest segments within the management consultancy market are operations advisory and financial advisory, both accounting for around 28% of the total and worth $380 billion between them.

The traditional regional markets for management consultancy, the Americas and Europe, remain much the largest, at 46% and 38% of the total in 2016. On the other hand, the Asian market, growing at over 9% year on year to 2020, may present the best opportunities going forward.

The global management consultancy market is fragmented. The top nine companies' share amounts to only 13% of the total. The largest player is Deloitte Consulting, with sales of $18.8 billion in 2016, followed by IBM at $17.2 billion and McKinsey at $8.4 billion.

Management consulting service providers are collaborating with specialized consulting companies to increase their market share and available expertise. For instance, leading global consulting firm Oliver Wyman collaborated with TeamSAI to strengthen its expertise in aerospace and aviation, and with ChapterHouse (healthcare), Harbour Consulting (automotive) and Corven (energy).

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