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Indie Rock Band, Claire on a Dare, Brings Rock Opera Back to Music Scene with New Concept Album


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2013 -- Lust, power, desperation and betrayal are all part of Sanctified, a rock opera, Claire on a Dare’s latest indie project which is currently raising funds to produce an album that fuses music and the art of storytelling.

“Claire on a Dare presents, ‘Sanctified: Deitor Darker and The Infinites’ that chronicles the 100 plus year-long affair of Deitor and Claire, two lovers possessed by demons and gifted (or cursed?) with infinite life,” their fundraising page on indiegogo.com explains. The indie rock band’s original concept album will explore the darker side of lust and power through its musical interpretation of the lives of two infinites or supernatural beings that neither age nor die. In the end, their inner demons will be forced to reckon with their human souls and choose between mutual destruction or mutual salvation.

Claire on a Dare is no stranger to creating a stir in the indie rock world and especially the San Francisco Music Scene. They recently achieved number one in the San Francisco indie rock charts on ReverbNation and broke into the top 100 for indie globally. Their latest project proves their commitment to bringing creative edgy works of art to their fans. They have composed an all original story, but now they want to bring it to life with rock opera music. “Ultimately this is about making music and making art,” says singer Carla Riggi – aka “Claire.”

In mid-January of 2014 the band plans to take their story and music lyrics to the recording studio to produce the rock opera, Sanctified. They plan to release the new album in the summer of 2014. But Claire on a Dare needs to raise money for this innovative music and art project. They have turned to indiegogo.com to raise the funds needed to record the track. Money raised will help fund the four days of production, mixing, mastering, basic travel, food and lodging while recording, CD and record album release, and album marketing and promotion.

Indie rock fans can visit Claire on a Dare at indiegogo or Claireonadare.com to find out more about this daring project, as well as read the ongoing series of the "Sanctified: Deitor Darker and The Infinites" story released as short chapters throughout the fundraising process. They reveal a new chapter, along with lyrics to a song, every Sunday night throughout the campaign.

About Claire on a Dare
Claire on a Dare is a five- member indie rock band from the San Francisco Bay area, Claire On A Dare took its name from an ultra-rare 80?s movie called Siesta that featured a strong and dangerous female lead. Their upcoming rock opera album, Sanctified explores the journey of two tortured infinites that are gifted (or) cursed to love and live forever. For more information, visit http://claireonadare.com.