IndieNation Are on a Mission to Help Unsigned Artists Boost Their Careers with Free Blog Articles and Support

I.N.Nation Blog offers independent artists the opportunity to gain exposure for their music and videos. There are free services as well as organized promotional campaigns.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2014 -- I.N. Blog is pleased to announce that the company is active in helping unsigned artists in order to help them organize their music career. Using the free blog services found at IndieNation ( is an easy way to promote songs and videos. Articles can easily be placed on the blog site. IndieNation offers an innovative solution, which will generate income for independent artists

The IndieNationApp is a great solution to enable artists to focus on their music, rather than spending time on promotional efforts to get the music heard. The website has all the tools which are needed to bring the artists to the attention of listeners. The tools are easy to understand and use. They are a powerful way to promote the music, mix tape or video.

For a minimal charge, artists can add a biography along with the song, video or mix tape as a post on the blog. It will initially appear on the home page of the site and will eventually be moved to the archives, but will maintain the same link so that self-promotion can continue with no need to change urls.

A front page featured song, is another way to promote music. The mp 3 can be placed on the homepage radio player for a guaranteed period of two weeks, also for a minimal charge. Most times the posting lasts longer than two weeks. This is a powerful tool for promotion.

A more sophisticated approach is to join the Member's Elite Club, which will build the brand quickly and in a professional Manner. The plan comes in three levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold. The plan features blog features twitter promos and entry into each new IndieNation Battles.

Learn more about strategies for promoting music by visiting the web pages at today.

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IndieNation from the start has been about finding an innovative solution to generate more income for independent artists.