Indonesian Cuisine: An Introduction


Quebec, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/27/2014 -- There are many who are interested to try out some delicious Indonesian Recipes. Although it is not as popular as Italian or Chinese food that has a global demand, Indonesian food rather is something to do with individual choice. As a matter of fact, more and more people are getting introduced to this type of cuisine and have been enjoying and recommending it to their friends.

Indonesian Culture and culinary art is said to be very much influenced by the different nations like Arab, Chinese, Portuguese, English, Spanish and the Dutch, who had come here to perform trading on the islands a long time ago. Its beauty combined with richness of spice was what had compelled the foreign rules to set base here. It is the foreigners who were credited with bringing a variety of plants to these islands.

The typical Indonesian Cuisine is based on rice along with various savory side dishes comprising of fish, poultry, meat and vegetables and accompanied by hot chilly condiment that is called sambal having crackers (krupuk), friend shallot for providing crunchy contrast. However, the most popular of all Indonesian dishes are the Fried Rice, Chicken Satay, Fried Noodle.

Consuming Indonesian food can indeed be an interesting and thrilling experience that one can share with the others and boast about it. The country’s diversity does bring about a variety of food that can be enjoyed to the fill. Every ethnic group in Indonesia uses the rich array of spices available, however, each have their own tastes and combinations, hot and sour, sweet and spicy. It can be said that this country has everything, right form sweet to highly spicy food. Also, the places boasts of providing a range of heavenly food that is sure to awake every sense in the individual and compel him/her to have more.

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