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Indonesian Cuisine Reportedly Finds Favorite Spot Among Leading Chefs and Home Cooks


Provo, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2016 -- Indonesian food has recently been popularly lauded for the wide variety that it offers. A leading web site called thaholiday has made a recent attempt to team up all the best food bloggers and experts to present food lovers the top Indonesian food that are highly popular around the world.

A staple in the Indonesian cuisine, the chili-based sauce called Sambal is currently rated as one of the top around the world. Restaurants around the world use it mostly as a condiment. Chefs say that the reason behind its popularity is probably because of its use of easy to find ingredients like chili peppers, shrimp paste, lime juice, salt and sugar. It is popularly used as a condiment in durian fruit, mango, and mushrooms. The Indonesian skewered meat called chicken satay is currently rated as the top fan favorite. Statistics show that any Indonesian food lover is well aware of this delicacy. Alternate meat popularly used also include chicken, mutton, rabbit and goat. Chefs across restaurants marinate the meat in turmeric and then barbecue the meat before it is dipped in peanut sauce. Currently the street vendor version is rated better than the high end restaurant version. The country's curry called the Gulai has become a classic favorite among those of the tourists who fly to the country's islands. It has recently been highly appreciated for its different flavors and versions, making it one of the most versatile curries in the country. Reports show that this versatility has found a platform in many leading restaurants around the world, with chefs experimenting with their own unique versions. There are many households that resort to the Bakso for its convenience. The savoury meatball noodle soup has become a favored meal in most homes because it is quick to cook and packed with proteins for growing kids.

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