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Inductors Market - Asia Pacific to Present Highly Lucrative Opportunities for Market Players by 2024

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Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/04/2017 -- Inductors are passive electrical components possessing two terminals which can store electrical energy in the form of magnetic energy. They mostly use a conductor which is looped into a coil. When electricity flows through this coil from the left to the right, a magnetic field is generated in the clockwise direction.

All conductors exhibit a certain amount of inductance because there exists a current to be opposed. Inductors aim to generate this inductance, which is nothing but a magnetic field created by altering the current flowing across a medium. The amount of current required to create a magnetic field of a certain power decreases when a wire is wrapped around the inductor into a coil. Inductors are commonly wrapped around a core material (usually iron) to increase their inductance.

Inductors are frequently observed in signal processing and analog circuit applications. They form tuned circuits when combined with capacitors, which screen out particular signal frequencies. Power supply requires large inductors, whereas broadcasting and radio reception applications need smaller ones. A transformer, created using two or more inductors, is employed in electric utility power grids. Inductors are also utilized in several wireless communications applications (with capacitors) as well as electrical transmission systems.

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Inductor Market Trends

A major application of inductors is in filters (produced using inductors along with capacitors and resistors) which are employed in analog circuits and signal processing. If the inductor is used alone, it acts as a low-pass filter, because its impedance increases with the frequency of a signal.

Inductors can detect magnetic fields or the existence of magnetically permeable material from a distance. One such example is the inductor sensor used in traffic lights to identify the amount of traffic and regulate the signal appropriately.

Transformers are formed when inductors with a shared magnetic path are combined. They are used in power supply and are an essential component of national electrical grids. They also increase or decrease voltage to a preferred level.

Usually, inductors are fixed to a point so as to not allow them movement to align themselves with any magnetic field in their vicinity. The magnetic force (used to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy) is influenced by inductive motors, the design of which allows the creation of a rotating magnetic field in time with an AC input.

Inductors can also be used for energy storage in switch-power supplies, such as, for instance, in a PC. However, they exhibit certain time limitation in terms of how long the energy can be stored for, because the magnetic field collapses when power is removed.

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Inductors Market Segmentation

Rising demand for tablets, smartphones, laptops, servers, set-top boxes, Blu-ray recorders, portable gaming devices, and GPS products is expected to propel the market in the region. Demand for ICs is also increasing because of innovative technical developments in consumer electronics. This segment is likely to drive the inductors market due to inductors being a fundamental part of consumer electronic devices.

Based on type, the market can be segmented into the following varieties: fixed inductor, variable inductor, coupled inductor, multilayered inductor, choke, and others.

In terms of material, the market can be divided into the following categories: air core, ferromagnetic core, ceramic core, and others.

By application, the divisions include filters, sensors, transformers, motors, energy storage, and others.

End-users include the automotive, transmission & distribution, industrial, RF & telecommunication, power/energy, military & defense, and consumer electronics sectors.

Inductors Market: Region-wise Outlook

Asia Pacific is anticipated to hold a major share in the global inductor market (as well as higher growth rate), owing to the region being the epicenter of electronics industry as well as the rising number of manufacturing hubs in China, India, Japan, and Taiwan. It is followed by North America.

Inductors Market: Key Players

Key players operating in the inductors market include Future Lighting Solutions, Bourns Inc., API Delevan, Eaton, Johanson Technology Inc., NIC Components Corp., SUMIDA CORPORATION, Panasonic Corporation, EPCOS AG, and Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd.