Hans von der Heyde

Industrial Engineering Company Hans Von Der Heyde Set to Boost South African Manufacturing


Cape Town, Western Cape -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2012 -- With years of experience developing innovative engineering solutions for the automotive, upholstery and industrial manufacturing sectors, together with competency in advanced technologies such as CNC, CAD, CAM and laser, HvdH has the capacity to deliver smart ideas and then develop them into efficient and workable manufacturing solutions.

HvdH to ramp up South African manufacturing

The German precision engineering company has extended its products and services to South Africa with one goal in mind – to ramp up local manufacturing into a fast, efficient and streamlined service that has the capacity to meet global market demands.

“Our aim is to provide a professional and inclusive engineering experience in the development and production of high quality tooling, punching, laser-cutting, printing and cutting machines, belt conveyors and plastic components.

As such, we have the capacity to guide our client every step of the way from product conceptualisation, prototype development, tool and machine design and manufacture to serial production.

Our fully integrated CAD and CNC capabilities guarantee precision excellence, while our use of high quality raw materials, including ALKOR aluminium profiles, enables HvdH to provide consistently high quality products and services.”

Enhance global competitiveness

With South Africa’s recent inclusion into the BRICs economic bloc, it is vital local manufacturers are properly prepared for an expected commodities rush. This means production processes across the board have to be globally competitive and capable of delivering to the market on time.

HvdH has tailored its extensive bouquet of products and services to meet diverse client requirements across all sectors. In a bid to provide a one-stop engineering shop, so to speak, the company is committed to developing in-house solutions extending from the conceptual all the way to serial production.

HvdH Engineering Products

Apart from its bespoke products and services, HvdH has developed a range of quality industrial machines in a pioneering modular design concept and acts as authorised re-sellers of interlocking aluminium profiles:

- Mechanical cutting, punching and shearing machines
- Laser cutting machines
- Laser printing machines
- Coil winding machines
- Auxiliary extrusion equipment
- ALKOR Aluminium profiles

Although the machines have been designed with a specific task in mind they can be easily modified to undertake diverse production chores. The modular concept enables either standalone functionality or seamless integration into the manufacturing stream.

HvdH engineering services

Amongst the core areas of expertise are:

- Automation solutions - the development of advanced solutions custom developed to enhance the manufacturing process
- Tool making - device engineering, plastic extrusion tools, injection moulding tools, mechanical punch tools, guides & jigs, pattern making and tooling repairs & maintenance
- Machining - conventional and CNC machining and component manufacture
- Machine Design - custom machine design comprising design & development, reverse engineering, commissioning and testing & evaluation