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Research and Development Activities to Increase the Application Scope of Industrial Enzymes Are Anticipated to Offer Huge Growth Opportunity for Market Growth

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Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/15/2016 -- Industrial enzymes are molecules or complex proteins that help in catalysis of biochemical reactions. Industrial enzymes have the characteristics of reducing the energy consumption of a reaction without being consumed in the reaction. On the basis of product type, industrial enzymes market can be segmented as lipase, carbohydrase and protease. On the basis of its applications, industrial enzymes market is segmented into four segments including food & beverages, bio fuel, cleaning agents and other applications including animal feed. Food & beverages is the most dominant application segment for industrial enzymes and this trend is anticipated to continue for a foreseeable future.

Enzymes are produced by living cells and industrial enzymes market can be segregated into three segments on the basis of the source namely microorganisms, animals and plants. Fermentation is the most dominant process used for the production of industrial enzymes. Microorganisms such as yeast and bacteria among others are employed in the fermentation process. Solid state fermentation and submerged fermentation are dominant fermentation process used in enzymes production. Submerged fermentation involves a liquid medium for enzyme production and solid state fermentation employs a solid substrate for the production. Centrifugation or lysing process is used for extraction of enzymes produced extracellularly or intracellularly by the microorganism.

Major portion of the global production of industrial enzymes is employed in the production of food & beverages including cheese, bread and alcohol among several others. Increasing demand for packaged food & beverages have led to high growth in food & beverages application segment that has been among foremost factors driving demand for industrial enzymes. There has been a surge in government incentives and benefits to promote the use of bio fuel as a substitute for the conventional non renewable sources of energy. Increasing demand for bio fuel primarily driven by the surge in government incentives and the environmental benefits associated with bio fuel is anticipated to be among major factors driving demand for industrial enzymes in the near future. Research and development activities to increase the application scope of industrial enzymes are anticipated to offer huge growth opportunity for market growth.

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North America followed by Europe dominates the global demand for industrial enzymes. Moreover, market shares of North America and Europe are anticipated to decline in the near future primarily owing to relatively high growth in Asia Pacific and RoW region. Increasing demand for bio fuel is expected to be foremost factors driving demand for industrial enzymes in North America and Europe. Asia Pacific is the third largest market for industrial enzymes. Moreover, Asia Pacific comprises two of the largest countries in terms of population, India and China leading to huge demand for food & beverages in the region. Furthermore, high GDP growth and increasing disposable income in the emerging economies of Asia Pacific is expected to drive demand for industrial enzymes in the region. Owing to aforementioned factors, Asia Pacific is anticipated to be the fastest growing geographic segment for industrial enzymes during the forecast period. High growth in developing economies of South America and Africa are anticipated to offer huge growth opportunity for industrial enzymes in the near future.

Some of the key players in industrial enzymes market include Amano Enzyme Inc., Novozymes, BASF SE, Dyadic International Inc., E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, Codexis Inc. and The Soufflet Group among others.