Industrial-Grade Continuous Batch Washer Now Operational at Lawrence Dry Cleaners

The Earth-Friendly Tunnel Washer Effectively Saves Enormous Amount of Water and Energy


New South Wales, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/04/2013 -- The high-technology Continuous Batch Washer that Lawrence Dry Cleaners recently acquired is fully operational as of press time. The installation of the industrial-grade washer is another breakthrough for the company, as they bring forth better and earth-friendlier options with commercial services to their growing number of commercial clients.

Lawrence Dry Cleaners has always been one of the leading supporters of Australia’s green cleaning technologies and processes. The acquisition of the tunnel washer from Pellerin Milnor Corporation in February 2013 was one of the biggest moves of the company, as the decision also successfully brought over the latest technologies in Continuous Batch Washer to Australia for the first time.

Named as the PulseFlow CBW washer, the company had noted a drastic reduction in their water and energy requirements when using the machine, while providing a much higher quality of service to their clients. The 10-module 76028 model washer works very much in line with the company’s advocacy of adapting greener cleaning processes for their organisation.

“We are very pleased with the performance of our new CBW washer,” said Lawrence Dry Cleaners General Manager Stephane Lemenager. “It has always been our priority to upgrade to newer and better cleaning machineries, not just to provide top-notch services to our clients, but to also do our share in keeping the environment greener and safer for everyone.”

The CBW washer is currently installed at the company’s Waterloo headquarters, processing more than 100 tonne of linen each week. The machine is slated to save Lawrence Dry Cleaners some 150 kilolitres of water per day with lifelong use, as well as provide for huge savings on both sewer charges and electricity bills. The washer also extends linen life and increase production output with its faster washing time.

About Lawrence Dry Cleaners
Lawrence Dry Cleaners was established in 1939 and currently have 30 stores all over Sydney. They were the pioneers of the Green Earth Dry Cleaners movement in Australia, as they continue to provide the most efficient, greenest, and the most environmentally-friendly cleaning options to their clients. Lawrence Dry Cleaners currently offers a range of hospitality services, commercial services, uniform dry cleaning, and commercial washing to corporate and commercial clients. The company is one of the few in its field to hold the Australian Quality ISO 9001:2008 Standard. Their list of satisfied clients include Qantas Airlines, The Star Casino, Accor Goup, and The Oaks Hotel Group.

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