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Industrial Graters Market to Witness a Healthy Growth During 2019-2029

Industrial Graters Market: Global Industry Analysis 2014 - 2018 and Opportunity Assessment 2019 - 2029


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/02/2019 -- Industrial Graters Market- An Overview

Graters, commonly known as shredder, refers to an equipment primarily employed for grating food products into finer pieces. Industrial graters come in different shapes & sizes and several grater types feature grating slots of varying sizes. Industrial graters available are usually automated or semi-automated in nature and are highly desired for enhancing productivity and achieving operational efficiency across food and beverage processing industries.

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Operators of food processing industries seek graters of superior quality available at affordable deals. In response to the aforementioned, manufacturers are focusing on utilizing premium grade components and advanced technologies for developing distinguishable offerings, which, in turn, will be highly conducive to their business growth. Moreover, food processing industry operators are also demanding industrial graters offering optimal durability, which is being taken into utmost consideration by manufacturers of industrial graters during product conceptualization.

Industrial Graters Market- Dynamics

Industrial Graters Market- Demand for Stainless Steel Graters Remains Intact, Plastic Graters Gain Momentum Owing to Weight & Cost Benefits

Stainless steel find extensive applications in the food and beverage processing industry, owing to a plethora of mechanical benefits offered. The suitability and compatibility of a particular stainless steel grade can be determined based on the nature of the target application. Industrial graters made of stainless steel will continue to be in high demand, on account of their strength and durability. Specific stainless steel grades, such as 304 and 316, are employed for manufacturing containers, pipework, and food contact equipment for use in food & beverage processing applications, including industrial graters.

However, industrial graters made of plastic are also gaining immense momentum, on account of the weight and cost benefits offered. Plastics have found their place in the food & beverage processing industry equipment arena over several decades and are emerging as a viable choice for achieving significant cost savings. High moldability is another key aspect favouring adoption of plastics as a base material for manufacturing industrial graters. However, ever-evolving dynamics of the food & beverage processing equipment industry will decide the fate of stainless steel and plastics- which one will be highly preferred as a base material- in the industrial graters market space.

Industrial Graters Market- Surging Demand for Food & Beverage Processing Equipment to Fuel Growth

The ever-evolving demand for food & beverage processing equipment is likely to complement growth of industrial graters market. The growing demand for food & beverage processing equipment can be ascribed to flourishing growth of food and beverage industry.

Demand for both automatic and semi-automatic food & beverage processing industry equipment is likely to increase by leaps and bounds, as the global food and beverage processing market is set for an exponential growth in the future. Industrial graters, being an integral part of the food & beverage processing industry equipment framework, is foreseen to witness strong demand during the forecast period. However, growth of companies operating in the industrial graters market will be closely associated with the product innovations they bring to the table and their value proposition strategies.

Industrial Graters Market- End Users Rely on Established Supply Chains for Making Bulk Purchases

Though e-commerce channels are emerging as viable platforms for making purchases, end users in the industrial graters market will continue to show noticeable inclination toward established supply chains. Making bulk purchases at favorable deals continues to be one of the key factors encouraging food processing industry operators to prefer established supply chains. Moreover, confidence combined with product reliability are some other factors reinforcing the hegemony of established supply chains over online channels in the industrial graters market during the forecast period.

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Industrial Graters Market- Segmentation

By product type, the industrial graters market can be segmented into

Course Grater
Fine Grater
Medium Course Grater
Square Grater
Tapered Grater
By food & beverage processing applications, the industrial graters market can be segmented into

Bakery & Confectionery
Fruits & Vegetables