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Industrial Hoists Market Competitive Landscape by 2025

Persistence Market Research has announced the addition of the “Industrial Hoists Market: Global Industry Trend Analysis 2012 to 2017 and Forecast 2017 - 2025" report to their offering.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/07/2018 -- Industrial hoists are devices utilized for lifting or lowering a load with the help of a lift-wheel around which a chain or rope is wrapped. Industrial hoists may be operated manually, electrically or may even be pneumatically driven. They may use fiber, rope or chain as its lifting medium. Industrial hoists make one of the most basic material handling devices extensively utilized across industries. Today, industrial hoists are commonly referred to as overhead hoists.

Depending on the requirement of the industry, various types of industrial hoists are available in the market today – these include manually operated, electrically powered and air-powered industrial hoists. Manually operated chain hoists utilize load chain as the lifting medium whereas electric or air-powered hoists use either wire rope or load chain as the lifting medium. Electrically powered industrial hoists are the most commonly utilized hoists in the global market. Depending on the load weight to be lifted, industrial hoists are available in a variety of range.

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Industrial hoists, whether manually operated or power operated, are intended and designed for vertical lifting of freely suspended materials handling loads. Industrial hoists are not utilized for lifting, transporting or suspending personnel. Various suspension means are available for industrial hoists. Manually operated chain hoists are generally trolley-suspended. Hook, clevis or lug-suspension units can be mounted in a fixed location or suspended from a trolley unit that will accept one of these types of suspensions.

Electric or air-powered chain hoists can have the same suspension type as manually operated chain hoists. In addition, trolleys for these types of hoists can be powered by either air or electric means. Electric or air-powered wire rope hoists can have many types of suspensions for either fixed or trolley mounting. Deck-type mountings are provided for mountings on trolley units of double-girder cranes and base mounted units allow mounting in typical winch-type applications. Manually operated chain hoists are powered by the manual effort of an operator.

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Owing to the upswing in construction projects and infrastructure in the region, Asia pacific will continue to dominate the global industrial hoists market throughout the forecast period. Within the Asia-pacific region, China holds maximum share in the global industrial hoists market. Rising investments and rise in the number of manufacturing sites will make APAC a key driver of growth for the global industrial hoists market. North America, Europe and Latin America, together, account for a minimum share in the global industrial hoists market.

Some of the market participants in the Industrial Hoists market identified across the value chain include Atlas Copco AB, Hoist UK, Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd., LIT TURN MOVE LTD, Sigma Hoists Company Private Limited, CarlStahl Craftsman, Hindustan Hoist and Cranes Industries, CHENG DAY MACHINERY WORKS CO., LTD, Emerson Electric Co., MHE Demag (S) Pte Ltd. and Stros Esquire Elevator & Hoists Pvt. Ltd.