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Industrial Journalist TR Cutler Reviews CooLift Beverage Delivery Trucks and Material Handling


Standish, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2013 -- The Magliner CooLift Delivery System helps deliver more products in less time - safely and efficiently. The system allows drivers to be more productive, work safer, and stay on the job longer. Drivers are the link between a company and customers. By increasing driver retention, CooLift helps companies build and maintain valuable customer relationships. Ultimately the value in ergonomic material handling automation solutions is to reduce the risk of pain and injury as well as eliminating hazardous movement. Magline increases efficiency, sales, and implements the most appropriate automation and safety solutions.

Industrial journalist Thomas R. Cutler contributed a feature article regarding solutions benefiting Magline clients with safety solutions. The article titled, “Beverage Delivery Trucks at the Heart of Safe Material Handling and Logistics” appears in the current issue of WTG Blog. The article can be found on the link:

“Ergonomic material handling automation solutions must reduce the risk of pain and injury; they must eliminate hazardous movement, increase efficiency, increase sales, and implement the most appropriate automation and safety solutions,” noted Cutler.

Mitch Watkins, President of Watkins Distributing Sales and Service adopted the CooLift Delivery system three years ago and has been running its own in-house comparison with 6-wheel carts ever since. "We wanted to speed up delivery, and get more cases delivered with fewer resources, fewer trucks and fewer people," said Watkins.

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Magline, Inc. ( manufactures a complete line of innovative lightweight route distribution solutions under the Magliner brand. Magliner solutions are used in the beer, soft drink, food service, parcel delivery, home healthcare, and other distribution industries. Magline also offers implementation consulting and solutions for reducing service times and eliminating waste during deliveries. Magline, the manufacturer of the innovative CooLift Delivery System, allows distributors to deliver more product in less time, combining an easily maneuverable and high capacity hydraulic lifting truck with integrated plastic “half” pallets for improved safety and efficiency.

Magline continues to lead the industry in manufacturing hand trucks. The innovative designs of two-wheel hand trucks, convertible hand trucks, bulk delivery trucks, special application trucks, and ramps are durable and enhance workplace safety. Magline is a proud Association member of The National Beer Wholesalers Association, The International Foodservice Distributors Association, and Material Handling Equipment Distributors Association. Follow Magline on Twitter at @MaglineInc.

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