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Industrial Skills Gap Solved by Scientific Management Techniques and Community Colleges

Industrial Skills Gap Solved by Scientific Management Techniques and Community Colleges


Londonderry, NH -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/25/2012 -- Stephen Berry, President of SMT, stated, “It has become clear that 'solution driven' community colleges like Southwest, collaborating with local industry, are positioned to deliver targeted training that will dramatically improve workforce skills as well as deliver the requisite productivity improvement for manufacturers. Working with stakeholders in their market, Southwest is proactively leading the way and delivering the model solution for other schools that want to work closely with manufacturers and workforce professionals to improve employability and industrial performance."

Scientific Management Techniques (SMT) and Southwest Tennessee Community College have collaborated to design and deliver a highly effective solution to the industrial skills shortage in the Memphis market. This model has national implications to solving the skills gap within the next year.

The hands-on training curriculum developed by SMT is unique in the industry. With hands-on training aids and interactive exercises, SMT trains to specific skill sets required for students to become productive members of the manufacturing team. Graduates are driving productivity for local manufacturers and feedback from Memphis employers is remarkable. The skill assessment component is critical to the program’s success. The hands-on assessments identify mechanical instinct and aptitude pre-training; post-training assessments provide data to quantify the effectiveness of the training program and identify graduates as job-ready.

For forty years Scientific Management Techniques,, has delivered industrial skills training and assessment services. The assessment capabilities, together with demand-driven skills training program, are used in manufacturing and education organizations in thirty-one countries to solve the skills shortage and drive industrial productivity. SMT’s founder Richard Whouley explained the evolution from industry to formal education, noting, "We delivered training in industrial facilities for many years in several countries prior to the introduction to the education market. Several manufacturing clients suggested that local community colleges embrace the SMT program based on the productivity improvements realized using the training system.”

There are two primary objectives when providing industrial training:

… deliver highly effective training that immediately impacts productivity, and
… deliver the training quickly and efficiently returning manpower back to production as soon as possible

SMT achieves these objectives due to the demand-driven curriculum design and the extensive use of over two hundred (200) hands-on training aids. The on-going skills shortage mandates this robust curriculum and training methodology; it translates efficiently into formal education as schools work with industry to identify effective training solutions creating workers with the required skillsets. SMT continues to deliver training in industrial facilities and works closely with schools and community colleges.

Scientific Management Techniques is the global leader in performance-based skill assessments for industry.

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Stephen Berry, President