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Industrial Sugar Market Snapshot by 2017 – 2025

The Industrial Sugars category includes sweeteners that service food and beverages industries, baking industry, and pharmaceutical industry.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/11/2017 -- Key players

American Crystal Sugar Company, The Western sugar cooperative, Michigan sugar company, British Sugar, American Sugar Cane League, American Sugar Refining, C & H Sugar Company

The Industrial Sugars category includes sweeteners that service food and beverages industries, baking industry, and pharmaceutical industry. Industrial sugar offers a wide range of sweetening solutions to the industrial users. Manufacturers are adoption and upgrading better technology solutions for improved operational efficiency to increase productivity. In the food industry sugar is a primary ingredient in preparing puddings, sauces, and custards. Sugar helps in preventing lumping by separating starch molecule of the flour. Sugar contributes to soften bakery products and provides a source of nourishment for the growth of yeast which helps the bread to rise. Sugar is used in confectionary items such as jellies and jams which enhance the color and flavor of various fruits which is expected to rise the industrial sugar market. In addition to this, it is also helpful in the gelling process to obtain desired consistency. Sugars are added to beverages to provide sweetness. Sugars also contribute in wine-making industry. In pharmaceutical industry also sugar has many uses like granulating, sweetening, tablet, and capsule diluent.

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Industrial sugar segmentation

Industrial sugar market is segmented into type, form, and source. By type, the market is segmented into white sugar, brown sugar, and liquid sugar. White sugar used in home food preparation. Brown sugar has some of the surface molasses syrup which gives pleasurable flavor. Brown sugar further segmented into light and dark brown. Dark brown sugar is used in gingerbread and baked beans, whereas light brown sugar is used in baking, making butterscotch, condiments, and glazes. Liquid sugar is white granulated sugar that dissolved in water before using. Liquid sugar is used for products whose recipes first require sugar to dissolve. By form, the market is segmented into granulate, powder, and syrup. Food and bakery industry use granulated sugar. Granulated sugar differs in crystal size. Each crystal size has its characteristics which make sugar appropriate for particular food need. Powdered sugar is made by milling granulated sugar into powdered state. Powdered sugar is used in industrial food production when quick dissolving of sugar is required. Various flavor types of syrups used in bakery products, beverages, and pharmaceuticals. Syrups are helpful in making ready to eat food. By source, industrial sugar market is segmented in cane sugar and beet sugar. Cane sugar has been extracted from sugarcane, a tropical plant which produces a high concentration of sweetness. Beat sugar is a plant whose root contains high availability of sucrose and which is grown commercially for sugar production.

Regional outlook

A regional segment for industrial sugar divided into several regions such as North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific countries. In North America, USA has the largest production of industrial sugars as there is increasing demand for bakery and confectionary products. In Europe: France, Germany, and the UK carries largest share of the market. Among Asia Pacific countries, India has a major share in production of sugar, which is then used for industrial purposes.

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Market drivers:

Sugar used for industrial purposes have increased substantially. Consumers' demand for food products like custards, puddings, cakes, etc. is driving the market of sugar in the food industry. Sugar has the unique characteristic of producing taste sensation. A taste sensation in the form of sweetness and flavors leading to growing demand for industrial sugar in the food industry. There is increasing consumer demand for bakery items like bread and cakes which are also fuelling the demand of sugar in bakery industry. Consumer demand for wine, soft drinks is also one of the drivers leading to increasing in sugar production in beverages industry. Consumption of confectionary items has increased which is also one of the drivers for sugar production for confectionary industry. Most of the consumers consume jellies, muffins, and jams. Consumers using cough syrups with enhanced sweetness is also one of the major factors fuelling sugar production for pharmaceutical industry.

The main byproducts of sugar industry are bagasse and molasses. The sugar industry faces problems in disposing of these by-products, especially under pollution control devices. The sugar industry is seasonal in nature and the crushing season normally varies between 4 and 7 months in a year. Thus the workers remain idle for the half year..

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