Industry Level

Industry Level Music Group Bring Legitimacy to Music Business

Industry Level Music Group is a private talent development firm that seeks talented artists and actors to represent at major music labels and film companies. Industry Level is made up of ex-music/film executives and A&R’s who posses the knowledge and relationships to negotiate multi-million dollar recording and or film deals.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/30/2013 -- Almost half way through the year 2013 and Industry Level Music Group has already started to collect talented artists to shop to major labels. Extensively searching the internet,club scene and talent shows by talent scouts, new up and coming talent are brought to ILMG to be vetted out by their top A&R's. An A&R at Industry Level must have at least 6 years experience in the recording industry and come attached with strong referrals.

The talent discovered who is ready for the big leagues immediately is shopped around and a deal brokered giving Industry Level a 20% commission fee. Talent that is not so ready may be given an invitation for a development deal or any other custom strategy to help the artist move in the right direction. Industry Level's main goal is to bring legitimacy to the music business. "We want to show the artist how it's really done", says A&R Ian Martin. "Everyone thinks they can become entertainment stars by listening to the radio and watching MTV, it takes practice, hard-work, and there is a little bit of a science when it comes to breaking a new artist".

Industry Level Music Group is continuing to search for star-studded talent and boasts a 50% success rate in shopping artists (which apparently is great in the music business). "Obtaining a record deal is one of the hardest things on Earth to accomplish," A&R Sean Davidson argues. "We put the artist in the best possible position to win, and if a major label is not ready to play ball at the moment, the artist will be able to survive just on his/her music alone with our strategies".

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