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Industry Level Music Group Explains when to Hire a Entertainment Lawyer

Industry Level Music Group is a private talent development firm that seeks talented artists and actors to represent at major music labels and film companies. Industry Level is made up of ex-music/film executives and A&R’s who posses the knowledge and relationships to negotiate multi-million dollar recording and or film deals.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/19/2014 -- When navigating through all the twists and turns that the music industry has to offer, artists sometimes feel that hiring an entertainment lawyer should be the most secured bet. Having an entertainment lawyer to represent the artist or band to a label sometimes isn’t the right answer. Most labels do not respect a lawyers’ opinion on talent. It's very common to hear a band or solo artist say that they are being “shopped” to labels by an attorney. Most of the time a deal never materializes and for these reasons:

1.) The lawyers that “pretend” to be music executives do not contain the ear or experience in choosing talent. Music executives “normally” do not rely on lawyers for new talent. This is the A&R’s job to do research for the executives.

2.) Lawyers always want to be “retained” or paid up front to shop an artist or band to labels that he or she has relationships with. Shopping an artist for a deal should not cost the artist a penny. If a lawyer, A&R, music executive believes in the artist than they will shop their music for free. Labels are constantly looking for new talent and products to push.

There is an upside to having an entertainment lawyer usually for “relationships” and “legal” knowledge. When an artist is approached by a record label and is offered a recording contract/endorsement deal/licensing deal/publishing deal etc, the entertainment lawyer is their best friend for his/her legal knowledge, language interpretation and relationships in negotiating them the best possible deal. When the contract hits the table...that is when the artist/band should pick the phone up and call the best entertainment lawyer in the business. The lawyer should have relationships and experience with dealing with the legal departments for Universal Music Group, Sony Music Group and Warner Music Group.

If you are having a hard time finding a credible lawyer, Industry Level Music Group can provide you with good references for entertainment attorneys.