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Author Releases eBook on Maneuvering in the Entertainment Business

Tell All eBook Offers Tips, First-Hand Accounts of Common and Uncomfortable Situations… All on Interactive Platforms


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2012 -- The business of entertainment can be more than you bargained for. When most people get the opportunity to get on the other side of the velvet rope, they bear witness, and experience some of the most amazing talents, achievers, and deal makers. It is also when you get inside this world, that you see just how unglamorous, shady and down-right dangerous the entertainment industry can be!

Industry Life & Times: Perspectives, Thoughts and WTF Moments is the latest book dealing with the entertainment life, and one of the few to provide first-hand accounts of various happenings involving working in “The Industry.” Coupled with advice on how to deal with some all too common and sometimes uncomfortable situations, this book looks to set a new standard in storytelling and education. Written by Jurena G. Cantrell, an Atlanta based Writer, Publicist and Television/Video Producer, and “remixed” by fellow Writer/Author/Entrepreneur/ and Industry Insider, C.F. Hutton (, Industry Life & Times:... takes readers inside real situations that have occurred when working with notable celebrities, athletes, musicians and the like.

Industry Life & Times:... also provides engaging links, plug-ins and social media “think tank” sections that allow the reader to share their thoughts on the subject matter via social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. A few topics addressed in the book include:

- How to maximize opportunities to fit career goals
- Dealing with conflicts of interest
- Navigating social circles
- Dating in the entertainment industry
- How to make sure you make good on your agreements

Industry Life & Times: Perspectives, Thoughts & "WTF" Moments, is designed with the next generation of Artists, Executives, Freelancers, and others in mind. “When my colleagues and I were working our way up the food chain, many of us were either in college, or recent graduates and basically winging our way through the music and entertainment business. At the time there were very few references that we could go to which would speak to the real life experiences of working in this genre," says, Mrs. Cantrell. "So, my intention with this book is to give people a helpful resource that will enable them to develop properly in this tough business.”

The first in the planned series, Industry Life & Times: Perspectives, Thoughts & “WTF” Moments Volume 1 is available for purchase on Amazon (Kindle Edition) in e-format only.

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