Inelor's "Thousands See God" Campaign Launches on Kickstarter


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2014 -- Inelor ( launches its “Thousands See God” campaign on Kickstarter (, to collect funds for a DVD about the existence of God.

The campaign’s purpose is to educate people about Christianity. The pledger, Al Porter, a Christian, has heard debates for years about the theories of the world’s origins—Divine Creation, Evolution, Big Bang Theory, and others. He couldn’t grasp why people don't see nature’s miracles, and understand that they couldn't just occur by chance, such as the birth of a baby, human unique DNAs, gravity, the planets, and many more wonders around us. According to Christian experts who carefully study the Book of Revelations, world events currently happening are bringing us closer to the "end of times," when Jesus will make his long-awaited return. As Porter matured in his belief, he became deeply aware of the essence of the scriptures and doctrine, realizing that the basics of the Trinity claims that there is one God in three persons; Jesus is God, the Holy Spirit is God, and the Father is God. From a scripture of Jesus saying "If you have seen me, you have seen the Father," he realized that if people could believe in the existence of the Bible and Jesus, both relatively easy to prove, then they have another avenue to believe in God. His intention is to give non-Christians reason to explore the information he provides, and current Christians enough evidence to strengthen their faith.

To spread the message and make people understand Christianity, Porter set out to raise funds and support for a 45 minutes DVD he’d like to produce compiling all proof about Jesus’ and God’s existence, and the Bible’s scriptures, through a Kickstarter funding campaign. The project page displays an almost 6-minute long introductory video listing ten reasons why people don't believe in God, countering it with several reasons that the Bible speaks the truth through brief descriptions of miracles, and proof of Jesus’ existence. Porter has 30 days to fund his pledge goal of $30,000 to initiate production of his full-length video.

“People have trouble believing in God and Jesus for many reasons, but this video will address this problem and more, and will explain to you how thousands saw God in the flesh,” quotes Al Porter on his website.

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About Al Porter and Inelor
Al Porter graduated from Northeastern University in Boston with a BS in English Education. Previously an entrepreneur, and a company man, he worked for three major contract staffing firms for over 20 years as a COO, developing new offices throughout the country. He was superintendent of Sunday schools, and a youth director for two churches. Currently, he attends a non-denominational Evangelical church in the Boston area, and has recently developed an interest in Apologetics (defending and establishing the Christian faith), through which he created his company Inelor (In the Lord).

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