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Inexpensive Web Hosting Reviews Best Cheap Web Hosting Providers for 2013

Inexpensive Web Hosting has created a league table of the top cheap web hosting providers following a strict evaluation process performed on all the big contenders.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2013 -- Web hosting is an essential for any individual or business looking to operate a website. It is the server space upon which the website is stored, and accessed by visitors. As such, web hosting providers try to tempt users to use their services with promises of speed and security, special features, ease of use, reliability and most importantly, competitive pricing. With so many providers out there it can be hard for consumers and businesses to make a decision, so Inexpensive Web Hosting has launched their own extensive investigation and revealed the top ten cheapest and best web hosting services.

The review process takes into account all these critical web hosting factors and shares with viewers how these different facets affect the rating. The top ten rankings are featured front and center on the home page, with an aggregate score for each provider, a rundown of the key features and a button to either read the full review or visit the provider’s website.

The full reviews all follow a standard format for easy cross comparison, with an editorialised introduction followed by analysis the features with any stand-out or unique features mentioned by name, insight into the key competition grounds before drawing a final reflective conclusion.

A spokesperson for Inexpensive Web Hosting explained, “We believe it’s important to be transparent about our evaluation process both to be fair to customers in terms of knowing that we are putting their priorities first, and in terms of informing the sites we’ve ranked how they can do better and where they are falling behind their competitors. Our six key categories are periodically re-evaluated so if sites change their terms of service, price or feature set their rating is updated in order to reflect the change. In this way, users can be confident that they are seeing a true reflection in our rankings and make their choices accordingly.”

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