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Inferno!: Intriguing New Novel by Semyon White Highlights Frank Ideas About Relationships and the Sexes

With a unique set of characters that ponder many of the confusing conundrums facing modern men, ‘Inferno!’ provides an explicit and no-holds-barred narrative exploring the lives and issues of three New Yorkers.


New York City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/25/2013 -- When it comes to the battle of the sexes, men throughout history have been challenged by fidelity and the apparent changeless role for men in a society where roles for women seem to be in a state of constant flux. In his compelling new novel, Semyon White ventures into the thought provoking depths of many modern enigmas.

Fusing fact with fiction to provide a candid showcase of conflicts facing modern men, ‘Inferno!’ proves that life has its fair share of pitfalls and temptations.


Three friends in New York City struggle with fidelity and other issues in their relationships with women. Dialogue driven, episodic, frank and explicit, it follows each man's choices, mistakes and explorations with the opposite sex. Seamus Gilley may be the last of the little black book carrying playboys. After decades of working out, woman watching and one night stands, he begins to want more from his relationships. Breaking one of his skirt-chaser rules, Seamus gets involved with a single mother.

Derek Towns is a young newlywed with an ideal marriage. When he finds out his father had an affair he begins to doubt his own ability to remain faithful. Derek exposes himself to temptation with an attractive co-worker to prove himself the better man. Milo Bova; cheater, consummate womanizer and would be misogynist struggles as he juggles women, his ideas about women, and his subsequent isolation and guilt. Conflicted about hurting a younger woman to spend more time with her unstable aunt, he upsets the precarious balance of his life. Each man encounters the same dirty shirtless bum in the city and wonders about the circumstances that led to his predicament. Like a cautionary omen, he effects each character differently and we see the effect play out in the midst of their dilemmas.

The author explains that, while fiction, his book bares a damning resemblance to real life.

“Fidelity has always been a struggle for the modern man, especially those living among a diverse environment as big as New York City,” says White, whose written a number of other fiction titles.

Continuing, “This real-world relevance compelled me to take a frank, honest and hard-hitting approach to my book’s narrative. Issues that resonate with so many millions of men don’t deserve to be treaded upon lightly.”

White places a huge focus on the development of his characters, often delving deep into their inner lives; something he believes furthers the book’s ability to carry the reader along even into some of the strangest places.

“Everything had to be keep as realistic as possible in rendering the absurd or almost insane predicaments possible in today’s world. I hope men who read it find some poignancy in the often bawdy ruminations and women find some insight into the men for whom the work resonates,” he adds.

With a positive initial response and demand that is expected to grow, interested readers are urged to purchase their copy of the book as soon as possible.

‘Inferno!’, published by Hell 4 Leather Productions, is available now: http://amzn.to/WfyJZ5

About the Author: Semyon White
Semyon White, was born in Queens NY, attended classes at Boston University.

He performed in rock bands in Boston and worked as a photographer for a decade before returning to New York where he was employed by the Unified Court System for 14 years before dropping out of society all together.

Obsessed with Einstein and gravity, he lives in reclusion, writing, playing piano and wandering back and forth between New York, Las Vegas and Hong Kong.