Infidelity Recovery Institute Offers Comprehensive Coaching Training & Certification Program


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2013 -- Infidelity Recovery Institute, known for pioneering the Infidelity Recovery Program, is offering training and certification classes for individuals who are interested in becoming Infidelity Recovery coaches. Their goal is to certify their participants in providing coaching services and become experts in no time with their 7 Step Infidelity Recovery Program.

The 7 Step Infidelity Recovery Program is designed to provide both new and experienced coaches with the necessary skills to guide clients through relationship humps and bumps. Participants will learn how to effectively listen to their clients’ individual circumstances and provide them with personalized and practical tools, strategies, and models that will help them rebuild their lives and relationships after suffering from the pains of infidelity. The course is suitable for anyone who is passionate about professionally helping people who are going through relationship and life problems due to infidelity.

In the program, participants will learn the philosophy of Infidelity Recovery coaching including the myths, facts, and effective therapies related to infidelity and affairs. They will also gain the understanding of why a specialized infidelity coaching program is important and how they can make a difference as Infidelity Recovery coaches.

Furthermore, aside from providing participants with the needed skills and knowledge to become certified Infidelity Recovery coaches, the Institute also offers the 6 Figure Coaching Business program. This is designed to teach coaches how they can boost their coaching business for them to eventually earn the much coveted six figure income. This course is recommended for everyone who wishes to set up their own coaching business and maximize its income and profit potential.

Founded by Savannah Ellis, the Infidelity Recovery Institute also offers courses for individuals who want to become certified for the Prepare Enrich program. They also have a program for therapists who want to level up to becoming a coach.

To learn more about the institute’s certification program, watch the video here. Interested parties can also visit for further information.

About the Infidelity Recovery Institute
Infidelity Recovery Institute is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Established by highly trusted and experienced life and relationship coach Savannah Ellis, the institute offers various programs that are all designed to help aspiring therapists and coaches become knowledgeable and skilled professionals, eventually helping them acquire certification to provide specialized services. The institute is also committed to empowering, supporting, and informing singles, couples, and professionals regarding different life and relationship issues.

Media Contact:
Savannah Ellis, CEO & Founder of The Infidelity Recovery Institute
1070 W. Horizon Ridge, Suite 200 Henderson, Nevada, 89012