Infidelity Recovery Institute Offers Ebooks for Achieving Relationship Goals


Henderson, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2013 -- Infidelity Recovery Institute, a trusted practice that provides certified relationship coaching services, is offering ebooks that help promote better and smoother relationships among couples. Carefully and professionally written, these virtual books take from the authors’ experience, knowledge, and comprehensive research.

Their first book, entitled Reboot Your Relationship, delves deep into the complex world of interpersonal relationships but is written in a style and language that can be easily understood by every reader. The ebook aims to solve issues that are commonly encountered by couples after the “honeymoon” stage passes and the sweetness that comes with it wears off. Couples commonly deal with boredom and decreased intercourse, while angst gradually and continually grows. The book aims to solve these problems and more, from the inside out.

Reboot Your Relationship features methods that help couples acquire a concise and clear awareness of how they feel, think, and interact as humans. The book will then take the readers to the journey of understanding people’s behaviors, wants, and needs, therefore guiding them towards the development of wise decisions and practical solutions.

Sold at just $14.97, Reboot Your Relationship is co-authored by Infidelity Recovery Institute founder Savannah Ellis and The Relationship Society’s CEO Joe Whitcomb.

Savannah Ellis has been an established and trusted relationship and life coach for years now. She has helped thousands of couples and individuals from Australia and the US. Passionate about helping clients improve themselves and their relationships, she specializes in personal empowerment and infidelity counselling. Her professional background includes working for various industry leaders including IBM & AC Neilson.

Meanwhile, Joe Whitcomb brings over two decades of experience relevant to his current profession as a relationship coach and therapist. With the use of his proven multidisciplinary approach, he is known for providing effective tools that help clients incorporate fun and excitement into their relationships. Whitcomb is a holder of a B.S. in Psychology majoring in Neuroscience and an M.A. in Clinical Psychology. Currently, he is a Doctoral Candidate in Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy.

Furthermore, the Infidelity Recovery Institute store also features Start with the End in Mind, an ebook created for 6 Figure Coaches to help them achieve great results through their own motivation. It is sold at $17.00. They also offer the Healing from the Trauma of Infidelity ebook. Sold at just $7.00, it aims to help individuals cope and recover from the effects of infidelity. Both books were authored by Savannah Ellis.

Individuals and couples who are looking to improve their relationships and life in general can visit and to learn more.

About the Infidelity Recovery Institute
Infidelity Recovery Institute was founded by Savannah Ellis, an established relationship and life coach. The institute is committed to promoting successful and strong partnerships and relationships by providing effective education and assessment tools. They also work to help empower, support, and inform singles, couples, and professionals.

About the Relationship Society
Relationship Society is a community for couples and individuals who are looking for progressive solutions to create and sustain healthy relationship. Founded by professional and certified relationship therapist Joe Whitcomb, they are headquartered in Santa Monica, California.

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