Catch a Cheating Partner with Scientifically Formulated Infidelity Test Kit


Spring Hill, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/21/2013 -- is pleased to announce the launch of sales of the breakthrough CheckMate 5 Minute Infidelity Test Kit. You can now catch a cheating partner or spouse with this scientifically formulated test kit that accurately recognizes and exposes semen traces. The kit is now available from You can actually monitor your partner’s sexual activity by using this test kit to detect semen traces that are left in undergarments or other clothing after sex.

“If you have suspicions that your wife, girlfriend or partner is having an affair you can use the CheckMate 5 Minute Infidelity Test Kit to help find evidence of cheating based on traces of semen that can be found in clothing after sex. You’ll catch a cheating partner and resolve your doubts about her having an affair or not. This test kit can also be used to detect underage sexual activity and or child molestation”, says represenative Mark P.

Key features of the CheckMate 5 Minute Infidelity Test Kit include that the testing can be done in the privacy of ones’ home without the person whose clothing that you check even knowing unless you confront her. It’s quick and easy to do and can be utilized up to five times to carry out sensitive semen detection tests. Accurate results will be shown within five minutes and will work on any type or color of material without damage or stains to the garment. The test is 100% effective in detection of semen traces. offers a wide range of personal safety products including GPS tracking devices, surveillance equipment, self defense products and much more. For further information visit: