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Infinite Dental Wellness Expands Services Providing Complete Services for All Ages

Dentists urge patients to use preventative dental practices to improve overall health


Glendale, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2014 -- The World Health Organization has drawn definite links between oral health and good overall general health. This is true of illnesses that can attack both adults and children. They have linked the maintenance of oral health to prevention of diseases that attack the heart and can lead to the development of Type-2 Diabetes. By integrating oral health management into basic health requirements, the American Dental Association reminds patients that their dentists can alert them to the early warning signs of disease that can manifest themselves in other parts of the body. The training given to dentists enables them to view such situations as oral cancer and trauma that may be affecting the soft tissues that line the oral cavity.

To further these goals, Dr. Leon Kiraj and Dr. Liana Muradyan founded Infinite Dental Wellness to provide a well-rounded and comprehensive program of dental health for all ages. Dr. Leon Kiraj explains the mission of this full-service dental group this way, “We seek to provide preventative dentistry for all members of the family and have been doing so since since 2010. This means everything from general dental procedures to the latest in cosmetic dentistry and the use of laser technology. We pride ourselves on presenting the highest levels of care for our patients along with environmentally responsible Green Dentistry.”

This Glendale dentist wants patients from all over Southern California to know that Infinite Dental Wellness is a practice dedicated to preventative care. Dr. Kiraj further notes, “As trained dental professionals, Dr. Muradyan and I can spot teeth and gum issues while they are in the early stages. This can not only save your natural teeth from loss, but save you from painful conditions that can affect the gums and soft tissues of the mouth. Most urgently, a dental appointment will screen for oral cancers and cysts that may be forming. With the early detection provided during a routine examination, these issues can be cured or prevented altogether.”

Adding the latest in technology to already established dental techniques is another component of their dental practice that Dr. Kiraj believes patients can benefit from. He adds, “We use everything from lasers to advanced materials like Nobel Biocare titanium in our office practice. The later is used when we implant a post during a dental implant procedure. This treatment provides natural looking permanent teeth to fill in where the originals may have fallen out or been removed for a variety of reasons. Using such techniques we can make sure patients have minimal incisions and as little discomfort as possible.”

About Infinite Dental Wellness
Infinite Dental Wellness is a dental practice that makes it their mission to involve the latest of dental technology along with excellent dental care for all ages of patients. In addition to their programs of General and Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Kiraj and Muradyan have been known for such practices as Green Dentistry to maintain environmentally office codes of cleanliness. This further lets them treat their patients with the highest level of industry standards as mandated by the American Dental Association.