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Infintech Design publishes the website home page is no longer the center of the site


New Orleans, LA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/12/2014 -- Business owners struggle to keep up with search engine algorithm changes as they occur so frequently. According to, as of May 2014, the Google algorithm has undergone four changes this year alone. In 2013, Google changed it 17 times, leading many business owners to fall behind. In fact, many fail to realize the website home page holds less importance now than it did in previous years, yet Infintech Designs Web Design Company states this is the case.

"Business owners often mistakenly believe they must cram all website information on the home page, as visitors may go no further into the site. Others opt to use the home page for a site introduction or some type of animation, leaving the visitors no choice but to sit through the page before moving on to the main portion of the site. Although this isn't the case with all sites, many businesses struggle when it comes to what needs to be on the first page of their company site and Infintech Designs Web Design Company can be of help in this area," Brian Hong, spokesperson for Infintech Designs, declares.

Search engines now take into account various portions of the site, including landing pages, when determining the value of the site and where the site ranks in their engine. Web designers benefit from this, as the change allows them to use the home page to focus on one goal or for other purposes, such as introducing a specific value proposition.

"Search engines no longer focus on what is seen above the fold, yet many web design companies continue to operate as if this was the case. With the use of video and content which is better targeted, visitors remain engaged and interacting with the site, without the need for a company to cram all information on to the home page," Hong explains.

Certain things need to be displayed on the home page, however, for the best results. The home page must provide information about the company and why consumers should turn to them rather than competitors, it needs to offer social proof, and it must incorporate a call to action. Social proof shows visitors that the site can be trusted, as any claims made are proven and valid, while the call to action explains what the visitor should do next on the site.

"Responsive design remains the preferred choice of most web designers, yet the actual page design stays in the hands of the client. Infintech Designs understands the business owner knows his or her company best and uses this information to create a site that reflects the values of the company and encourages the targeted audience to stay and browse a while. Although the home page remains important, it's no longer the center of the site, and Infintech Designs understands this, making use of every page on the site to increase search engine rankings and engage consumers," Hong proclaims.

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