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New Orleans, LA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/04/2012 -- Infintech Designs is today announcing its continued expansion of offering new orleans web design and also focuses on SEO, online marketing, social media marketing, and creating custom easy-to-navigate websites for small to large businesses.

According to the founder, Brian Hong, the online community has become so huge and varied that today businesses are expected to have a good-looking website, but this is not the end-all, in fact without proper marketing techniques, the website can go unnoticed.

"It's really not hard to understand." According to Hong, "Having a great-looking and user friendly website is just the beginning, without the proper marketing techniques, how is anyone going to find your site? Here is where people get stuck: they hire a graphics company to create a snazzy website and they never see traffic, why? There was no marketing. We designed Infintech Designs to be more than just a company that would provide you with a user-friendly website, we help you with marketing efforts such as SEO, Pay Per Click PPC, blog posting, article writing, and social media. All of these combined is what will increase your website traffic and ultimately make you more money".

"There are literally thousands of websites on the Internet but most of these will never be found by anyone simply because they are not using the right tools that the search engines look for when ranking websites", said Hong. According to Hong, Infintech Designs wants to be the premier go-to company for both web design new orleans and marketing via seo new orleans.

"As a company we have been able to take a website, spruce it up, optimize it, market various aspects of the website using SEO, PPC and social media and watch the increase in traffichappen. When online businesses understand the importance of Internet marketing, they can turn their site around with some guidance and help. Having said that, you must understand that I'm not saying the way your website looks is not important, of course it is - but to have a great website and no traffic is simply spinning your wheels", Hong said.

Infintech Designs also has a very impressive blog that is packed with categories that can help clients to understand the importance of social media, writing good headlines, search engine marketing, and email marketing to name a few. According to Hong, "The articles on our blog our there for one reason, to help our visitors and clients understand everything there is to know about having a website and what you need to do to drive targeted traffic to the site. The resources are on the blog so that when people finish reading and leave they will know what it takes to make their site a success. The blog is there for anyone to see - we don't ask you to join our website or make the blog only available to those clients that have hired us. The blog and information there is a gift to anyone that wants to learn more about online marketing".

About Infintech Designs
Infintech Designs is a New Orleans based website design and seo company that uses custom solutions that are designed specifically for to meet customer expectations and help them succeed online. The team of professionals have several years experience in SEO, SEM, Local Search Engine Optimization, web design, redesigning websites, graphic design, and online marketing just to name a few.