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Influential Blogger Melissa Rodriguez Publishes Top Toys for Christmas List


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/28/2012 -- Christmas shopping can often be as nightmarish as Christmas day is magical, but despite the dread that parents feel when hitting the toy stores for Christmas, the joy in their children’s faces always makes it feel worthwhile. That joy will not be diminished if parents had an easier time, however, and Squidoo have just posted an article for parents that can make sure they get great deals not ordeals in the toy store this Christmas.

The “Top Toys For Christmas 2012” list brings together the most in-demand items from children’s pop culture, enabling parents to parse through the minefield of seemingly identical knock-offs and out of date fads to get to the best toys of 2012. The list has been compiled by enlisting the help of a panel of toy experts.

The article breaks down the toys into a wide variety of different categories, starting with the top fifteen toys stocked by Walmart, K Mart, Toys R Us and Amazon, then breaking the selection down into themes, enabling parents to target their search for the child who loves movies, arts and crafts or technology. The article further breaks down the toys into age brackets of Babies, 1-3, boys and girls 3+, and teens.

The toys on offer range from Avengers action figures to WWE Brawlin’ Buddies to Lego, Remote Control Cars and Barbies. The list features only toys released or popular this year, making sure all choices are current so children won’t be disappointed by getting a gift their friends got last year.

A spokesperson for the site said, “Melissa has done a great job getting the insights and expertise of our panellists into the most user-friendly toy guide on the internet with her Best Toys 2012 list. Simply going on Amazon can overwhelm many parents with the sheer quantity of possibilities- by collating the most popular and highly anticipated toy releases into one article, she has empowered a generation of parents to make their lives easier and their children’s Christmases happier.”

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The Top Toys For Christmas List is written by Melissa Rodriguez, who has been blogging since 2010. She is passionate about kids and blogs regularly about toys and games. She helps to make parents lives easier by finding all of the hottest toys for them, and annually compiles a compendium of the best and most beloved toys on the market to make Christmas shopping easier. For more information please visit: