Info Cash Launch by Affiliate Marketing Guru Chris Carpenter


Manhattan, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/27/2013 -- Unleash New Way to make money through Affiliate Marketing

Chris Carpenter, one of the internet’s most successful affiliate marketer, who legally exploited Google and Yahoo's ad campaign platforms to make millions through affiliate marketing, today announced the launch of Info Cash, his latest affiliate marketing product that leverages the potential of Facebook and Microsoft Bing, to generate exponential returns from internet marketing.

Chris Carpenter's affiliate marketing method works by connecting buyers to the products they seek online while earning the affiliate market revenues form he number of people who they send to various sellers online.

Due to his immense success online, he has come up with the Info Cash, comprehensive video training course that provides the any interested Business Opportunity Seekers with the opportunity to make money through commissions by joining and marketing affiliate marketing products and services online. It is an easy approach to tapping into the billions of dollars in marketing spend that is available online via search engine marketing.

Info Cash teaches you how to eliminate the normal hassles that conventional marketing methods introduce and shorten the period it takes to start earning your commissions from months to just hours of rolling the right promotion online. With Info Cash, various business opportunity seekers such as work at home moms, Multi-Level Marketers, newbies and veteran marketers have the opportunity to make money online without a website, the need for a product, without looking for an email list or cold calling numerous clients.

You also do not need to have an inventory system or any selling experience or technical skills. All that you need is a complete understanding of how advertising platforms work and how you can schedule and optimize marketing campaigns online. Through info cash, students learn the main building block of affiliate marketing and then are guided so that they progress through three distinct learning phases. In the first phase of learning, the student becomes a well-paid affiliate.

This phase is designed for total newbies, tired affiliates and bloggers who need a new way to make money online. The students are shown some direct ways of making money online. There is a newly added twist to it though. The new training videos also show the huge marketing opportunity that is available through Microsoft Bing and the brand new Facebook Graph Search. Students will see that direct linking is back and that it works.

Chris Carpenter, the affiliate marketing guru and author of the bestselling book Google Cash notes that "Affiliate marketing is alive and well in 2013, and many of the core training principles are based on my previous, very successful product 'Google Cash'."

In the second phase of training, Info Cash students are shown how to create their own email list and start a word press blog. The students also get to learn how to create their own email list and start their own WordPress blog. Training on copywriting and lit building, conversion tracking and online publishing are also included. As the students’ progress, the naturally become adept at supporting their own affiliate marketing efforts and producing a more reliable income stream through their blog.

Finally in phase three, the students learn how to create their information product from start to finish. To find out more about Info Cash, please visit the website

About Chris Carpenter
Chris Carpenter, one of the most influential affiliate marketers today is the author of Google Cash and the mind behind the training program Info Cash. Using the resources he has developed, he has made the concept online marketing easy for many to start on and grow to make large sums of money.

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