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Information about Edmonton City Council and Mayor Just the Start for "MakeThemWorkForYou.com"


Edmonton, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/15/2012 -- The recently launched Canadian website “MakeThemWorkForYou.com” is attracting a great deal of attention from Canadian voters. The unique non-profit organization has a stated goal of becoming the largest single source of information on Canadian politics and politicians in an effort to bring transparency to Canadian politics for all voters.

Regardless of political affiliation, Canadian voters are overwhelmingly in favor of being able to keep tabs on politicians in order to promote greater accountability. The launch of the new website MakeThemWorkForYou.com aims to provide that transparency and accountability.

The non-profit organization behind the new website pulls data from a wide variety of public source websites in order to create a single information resource on Canadian politics and politicians. “As the public will learn from reading our About Us page, we strive to be the Wikipedia of politics and politicians for Canadian citizens so that they can have easy access to government information that will benefit their day to day lives and voting decisions,” said Make Them Work For You Ltd. President Brett Levert.

The project started small and through the support of family and a dedicated staff, they have been able to build the current 1.0 beta version. To date, the website has gathered information on over 600 politicians covering eight major cities as well as nine provinces. There is a wealth of information on the members of the Edmonton City Council and its mayor as well as the Toronto City Council and mayor, with plans for expansion over time. “We track everything we can about them and we are adding new features all the time,” said Levert. “We’re paying attention to our visitors and ask for suggestions on ways to improve our site and add pertinent information.”

The website also seeks to become an aggregator of government programs, services and processes as well as provide tutorials on how to interact with the government at its various levels. The project has just launched a MTW4U Fundraising campaign, and their site also has a public listing of the organization’s finances and various ways for citizens to contribute to the cause. “We are hoping that this project will spark debate on the topic, encourage membership and further our vision for an open and accountable government,” said Emmanuel Shakir, Director of Development. For more information, please visit http://makethemworkforyou.com

About Make Them Work For You Ltd.
The Canadian non-profit organization has a stated goal of becoming the largest single source of information on Canadian politics and politicians by aggregating various information services into a convenient and easy to use Web 2.0 platform. Their stated objectives are "To promote openness and transparency in all levels of government and provide citizens easy access to government information that would be beneficial to their lives and/or their voting decisions. The non-profit is headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and is an Alberta Registered (Incorporation Number 5116595546) Non-Profit organization.