Josh Chang

Informative New Free eBook Reveals Effective Natural Ways to Lower Cholesterol


Troutdale, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/12/2012 -- A recently released eBook detailed the natural ways that can be used to lower cholesterol. “How To Lower Your Cholesterol – Effective Ways To Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally – Special Edition” is Author Christine Levy’s take on the serious problem of high cholesterol and how to tackle this problem naturally. According to Levy, most doctors approach high cholesterol from a medical point of view and don’t give enough attention to the benefits of a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle. She wants to help change that view in this valuable new eBook that is now available for a free download on

Readers who purchase this book will get a detailed explanation about cholesterol and they will learn the difference between helpful and harmful cholesterol. They will read about the best foods to eat to lower cholesterol, the foods to avoid that might lead to high cholesterol levels, the most effective exercises to engage in to combat high cholesterol and the best ways to test for high cholesterol.

Levy’s book gives readers the blueprint for a healthy lifestyle that reduces cholesterol levels naturally. Much of the book focuses on the healthy foods that are available and this is because lowering cholesterol naturally starts with a healthy diet. Levy details each food item and present food choices that can be eaten by young and old alike because it is never too early to live with a healthy diet. Each food item is described thoroughly and its benefits are fully examined. Levy even tells readers that most of these healthy foods can be grown in a personal garden or found at the local grocer. Her advice to all is that eating these foods on a regular and consistent basis will lead to lower cholesterol levels.

The book also goes beyond food choices and examines the most effective exercises that can help lower cholesterol levels. Levy also covers issues like portion control when eating and the positive impacts stopping smoking has on cholesterol levels. Levy’s important message is that even small changes in lifestyle can have a major impact when it comes to lowering cholesterol levels.

“How To Lower Your Cholesterol – Effective Ways To Lower Your Cholesterol Naturally” is 46 pages in length and when downloaded is 152kb in size. Those interested in this important book can download it for free on from 0.01 Pasific Standard time friday night.