Infosolve, Inc Introduces Advanced Management Software for Liquor and Wine Stores

Liquor Store Management Software Provides Maximum Efficiency for Busy Business Owners


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/05/2014 -- InfoSolve, Inc., makers of the popular “mPower” business management software line, announced the immediate availability of the newest addition to their software family, mPower Beverage, today. Recognizing that liquor and wine store retailers are short on time and resources, InfoSolve, Inc.’s mPower Beverage software is designed to alleviate business owners of tedious business tasks and increase overall business efficiency.

InfoSolve, Inc.’s newest business management solution supplies liquor and wine store owners with the business tools they need to excel in their industry. From inventory management to point of sale software to sales reporting, mPower Beverage software is designed to handle all aspects of the liquor and wine store business in a quick and efficient manner.

There is nothing more valuable than extra time to the busy business owner. mPower Beverage provides owners with this time by taking over tasks once performed manually and automating them. For example, mPower Beverage creates a store database with the initial data from the store (or stores) and then updates the database with every new store transaction. This includes inventory changes, receiving product orders, and tracking sales.

mPower Beverage also serves as an excellent business organization tool. Designed to store all of your store’s data in one place, business owners or employees can access the data at any time. This is especially vital for stores with multiple locations. The software will not only keep track of every store’s inventory and sales, but also allow liquor and wine retailers to take care of each store’s individual needs through one program. Business owners can easily manage all of their stores from any location using mPower Beverage’s back office software.

About mPower
Since 1997, mPower has helped companies of all sizes adapt to today’s technological demands by implementing business management software that helps companies gain a competitive advantage. mPower has helped clients strengthen their customer relationship management, operate via the web, automate multiple systems, improve reporting capabilities, and ultimately increase efficiency and profitability.

The software line includes mPower Retail, mPower Beverage, mPower Wholesale, mPower E-commerce, and customized business management software.

About InfoSolve, Inc.
InfoSolve, Inc. is a Texas-based software company that specializes in providing the world with business management solutions. Their software is known to combine vital business tools, highly-secure data storage, and specific industry standards to provide businesses with a powerful and intelligent business management solution. Among their many successes, their most popular products stem from software line, mPower.


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