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Infrared Filter Market to Witness Comprehensive Growth by 2026


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2018 -- IR filters are being designed for the purpose of blocking or reflecting mid infrared wavelength while passing through the visible light. Infrared filters are often being used in those devices which is having bright incandescent light bulb for the purpose of preventing the unwanted heating. Infrared filters have got a blue hue on them as they also block some of the light from longer red wavelength. The growth of infrared filter market is highly reliant on the rising usage of infrared filter for the purpose of gas detection and contactless temperature measurement.

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Continuously increasing demand of infrared filter for the purpose of flame detection & anesthetic gas monitoring is acting as a major growth driver for the infrared filter market. Therefore, the growing application of infrared filter for the purpose of non-contact tem perature measurement & gas detection is also one of the key factor anticipated to catalyze the growing demand of infrared filter during the forecast period. In addition, features of infrared filters like excellent surface quality, high transmission and ultra-steep slopes is also anticipated to increase the demand of the infrared filters in the upcoming years. In turn this is also projected to affect the infrared filter market in a positive manner during the forecast period.

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In spite of many driving factors, the infrared filter market is expected to show a shrink and fluctuation in growth rate because of the issue related to hotspot which is a common problem for IR. Issues with the coated barrels which absorbs the light does not work properly in case of infrared that is also acting as one of the major constraint for the infrared filter market. Lens design issues where a different refractive index is required for the visible light to pass through is not available all the time in case of IR filter and is acting as restraining factor for the infrared filter market. Non-contact temperature measurement is expected to act as key opportunities for the infrared filter market.

For the purpose of doing in depth analysis, the infrared filter market has been segmented on the basis of type, application and geography. Based on the type the infrared filter market has been segmented into two categories those are IR Long Pass Filter and IR Band Pass Filter. Based on the application, the infrared filter market has been segmented into three segments they are Faucet, Fingerprint Recognition Machine and The Remote Control. Moreover, this report also provide cross functional analysis of all the above mentioned segment across different regions such as Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa and South America. By type, the IR Band Pass Filter is expected to capture largest market share in the forecast period. Wide wavelength range according to customer requirement which ranges from 1.0 µm to 20.0 µm is estimated to drive the sale of IR Band Pass Filter .Geographically, the global infrared filter market is mainly driven by North America region. Significant increase in the spending in motion sensors and gas detection in the U.S. and Canada has been driving the market of infrared filter in North America.

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Some of the leading players operating in the infrared filter market includes Prazisions Glas & Optik, Infrared Filter Solutions, Valley Design, Andover Corporation and Nantong Yinxing Optical and Materion among others.