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Infrared Heater Warehouse Announces Discount Savings on New 2013 LifeSMART Infrared Heater Models


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/13/2012 -- Infrared Heater Warehouse is pleased to announce that they will be offering discount pricing on the soon to be available LifeSMART Infrared Heater lines for 2013. Infrared Heater Warehouse is the largest distributor of infrared heaters online, offering all major brands including LifeSMART, BioSmart, American Comfort, EcoSun, and many more.

In the last several years, the advanced technology of infrared heaters has made them the cost effective and efficient eco-friendly leaders in terms of heating large areas of a home. Infrared heaters also have many other benefits including health by improving blood circulation and no worries about dry skin, sore yes or throat as well as the benefit of combating seasonal effective disorder as its glow mimics sunlight.

In addition to selling the top brands available today, Infrared Heater Warehouse has become the largest distributor of infrared heaters online due to their low prices and customer service. The retailer is once again bringing those winning attributes to the forefront with their announcement that the LifeSMART Infrared Heater line for 2013 will carry discount pricing with orders being taken right now. “Our goal is to always put the customer first by providing the best products available at the lowest prices without ever compromising quality,” said an Infrared Heater Warehouse representative. “Our ability to offer discounted prices on 2013 models of LifeSMART Infrared heaters leading up to their September availability is just one more way of fulfilling that goal.”

As one of the country’s leading infrared heater manufacturers, LifeSMART products are known for quality, durability cost effectiveness, innovation and visual appeal. With over 1.5 million infrared units in use today, the brand has become a household name. With their upcoming 2013 models becoming available in September of 2012, Infrared Heater Warehouse is featuring them now with exciting discounts and new features. Capable of 6500 BTUs, the 2013 LifeSMART 2 for 1 Zone Wood Cabinet Infrared Heaters feature two powerful, LifeSMART heaters in different areas of the house in dark oak cabinets. New features include count down and count up timers, a larger, user-friendly remote and more.

The LifeSMART flagship model Stealth 6 for 2013 returns with its, six copper-wrapped heating elements that can provide enough BTUs to cover a 1,800 square-foot area. The major innovation for the 2013 Stealth 6 and 2 for 1 zone models is the addition of a 1000W medium setting added to the 500W and 1500W settings for increased eco-friendly comfort control.

Other models for 2013 include The LifeSMART Compact Power Plus Infrared Heater, Dual Mount Infrared and Infrared Quartz Fireplaces as well as the newest model infrared Freestanding Stove. All of the LifeSMART models have more than a dozen standard and new features that expand value and usability. Infrared Heater Warehouse provides free same day shipping, no sales tax and 2-5 year warranties. For more information, please visit http://www.infraredheaterwarehouse.com/

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As the largest distributor of infrared heaters online, the company offers all of the major brands, including LifeSMART, BioSmart, American Comfort, EcoSun, and many more. Their goal is to be known as the #1 place in the world to buy an infrared heater. The company is known for the highest quality products at the best value with customer service that always puts the customer first.