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Infrared Sensors Market – Helping IoT to Increase Its Efficiency in Terms of Wireless Connectivity

Infrared Sensors Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2016 - 2024


Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/13/2017 -- Infrared equipment emits and detects infrared light waves. It is used for measurement of heat and detection of motion. When an object passes within the wavelength of infrared sensors, its light waves detect that object and reflect it back to the sensors. Thus, infrared sensors help to detect the motion of an object. Infrared sensor has a longer wavelengths compare to wavelength of visible light, but lesser than the wavelength of microwaves. Infrared wavelength cover the region between visible wavelength and microwaves wavelength, roughly from 0.75µm to 1000µm. Infrared sensors detect all those objects that have a temperature greater than zero kelvin, thus, retain thermal energy. Infrared sensors are capable of detecting the difference between black and white surfaces since black surfaces absorb all types of light, and white surfaces reflect them.

Low price of infrared sensors, less power consumption of the sensors and flexibility in applications are the factors generating demand for the infrared sensors market. Moreover, wavelength of infrared sensors cover large distance, which in turn, increases its application scope. Applications of Infrared sensors are limited since it cannot differentiate between irradiate objects. On the other hand, infrared thermometers lack accuracy to determine infrared detection area. These restraining factors are expected to hamper the growth of the infrared sensor market during the forecast period.

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At present, most of the manufacturers of electronic devices are moving towards deployment of Internet of things (IOT) in their offerings. With the help of infrared sensors, efficiency of IOT gets increased in terms of wireless connectivity, data storage capacity, and others. Infrared sensors measure and detect changes in temperature, position, light and others that are necessary to turn objects into data generating things. Therefore, rise in demand for wireless communication, data storage capacities, and batteries have positively impacted the growth of infrared sensor market. Hence, integrating smartphones cores, that are infrared, will create a future growth in the infrared sensors market.

The global market of infrared sensors is segmented on the basis of types, wavelength, end users, application, and geography. By types, infrared sensors are divided into Thermal infrared sensors, Quantum infrared sensors, active infrared sensors, and passive infrared sensors. Active infrared sensor is subdivided into break beam sensors, and reflectance sensors. Passive infrared sensor is subdivided into pyroelectric infrared sensors, thermopie and bolometer.

By wavelength, the market is divided into short-wave infrared (0.75µm to 3µm), medium-wave infrared (3µm to 6µm), and long wavelength (higher than 6µm). Long wavelength sensors are more suited for harsh weather conditions. Long wavelength infrared sensors segment is expected to be the largest segment during the forecast period.

By end users, infrared sensors market is segmented into information and communications, power and energy, aerospace and defense, automotive, healthcare, consumer electronics, scientific applications, and others.

By application, infrared sensors is segmented into Night Vision Devices, Infrared Astronomy, Infrared Tracking, Restoration and Art History, Climatology, Water Analyzer, Rail Safety, Fire and gas detectors , Gas Analyzers, Cameras, Thermal Cameras, and Others.

By geography, infrared sensors market is subdivided into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Rest of the World. The global market of infrared sensors is dominated by North America because manufacturers are able to attract higher investment. From manufacturing side, Asia Pacific captures the largest market share in the infrared sensors market.

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Major key players in this infrared sensors market are Accurate Sensors Technologies Ltd (Isarel), Aurel (Italy), Drager Safety (U.S.A), Honeywell Inc. (U.S), InfraTec GmbH Technologie (Germany) and Elektronik GmbH (Germany), Magnetek (U.S), MONARCH INSTRUMENT (U.S), New Infrared Technologies S.L (Spain), Scitec Instruments (England), SOFRADIR (France), RAYTEK (U.S.A), Scitec Instruments (England), Ifm Electronic (U.S), Ascon Technology (UAE), Optris (U.S) , OMEGA (Switzerland) and Micro EPLISON (Germany) among others.