Infrared Sauna Reviews Use Offers Health Benefits Consumers May Be Unaware Of


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/26/2012 -- The Journal of the American Medical Association, in their August 7,1981 issue, reported that people who run undertake this activity with the goal of placing a demand on their cardiovascular system while also building muscle. This same article pointed out that regularly using a sauna may offer the same cardiovascular benefits while also burning calories at a rate normally only seen with regular exercise. For those who are unable to exercise for any reason, the report goes on to state that the complex thermoregulatory process of the human body responsible for sweat increases cardiac output, heart rate and metabolic rate. Considerable energy is consumed when a sauna is used. Those who do exercise may use a sauna to add variety to an ongoing training program. Finding the right sauna is key to success in this area. Infrared Sauna Reviews offers information about various saunas for home use.

"Our goal at Infrared Sauna Reviews is to inform consumers of the many infrared sauna health benefits while also providing information designed to make finding the right sauna easy," Eddie Hume, media contact for Infrared Sauna Reviews states. We provide facts, videos and buying information to make this task easier. Read a review of The Hollywood, a four to five person infrared sauna or learn about seven benefits of using a sauna of this type. We want to ensure you get a sauna that you want to use each and every day so you get maximum benefits from your new device." Each review on the site provides information concerning size, features, options, where to buy and why each model is desirable.

Mr. Hume goes on to say, "We love these devices and how they make us feel when using them. Our goal is to share this pleasure with others. To make an informed choice when buying a sauna, there are many things a consumer most know. We try to provide the facts which are most important to consumers and explain how saunas of this type work. Consumers love to save money so we offer information about specials being run through select partners. When visiting our site, you may find that you are able to upgrade your choice of sauna by taking advantage of these promotions."

Dr. Oz showcased infrared saunas on his popular television program and went so far as to call them "the next life extension tool". Use of a sauna aids in weight loss. Studies show that for every 30 minutes spent in a sauna, more than 600 calories may be burned. Saunas are helpful in pain relief, detoxification and relaxation. Mr. Hume points out, "Use of an infrared sauna may help to lower blood pressure and improve circulation as the heart must work harder to cool the body temperature. Healthy blood flow is promoted and many health conditions benefit from using a device of this type. The skin is purified also so users look better. This alone is one reason why many choose to purchase an infrared sauna for home use."

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