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Infused Water Market Expansion to Be Persistent During 2017-2025

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Albany, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/16/2018 -- Health awareness and dependency on food infused with natural ingredients have paved the way for many functional food and beverages. One such functional beverage is the infused water, which contains pure water which is infused usually with fruits, herbs or plant extracts. The infusion supposedly adds flavor to water and also offers nutritional benefits. The emergence of the infused water market is a result of the wide variations in the bottled water products. Moreover, the fruit infused water also excludes extra calories that are present in many fruit juices and concentrates. Many such factors are expected to fuel the growth of the infused water market.

Infused water market has become very popular in the past few years owing to its many applications such as an energy drink, health drink, and refreshment drink. It's claimed health benefits like weight loss, anti-oxidant, detox agent, immune system booster and improved digestion, have triggered the growth of the infused water market. The products are available in a wide variety of flavors. However, the citrus-flavored products are most popular and have a greater market share in the infused water market. This can be again attributed to the extra nutritional benefits offered by citrus fruits like abundant vitamin C. Many products are also offered in combination flavors and ingredients which ensures both taste and a good nutritional profile of the product which is a unique factor in driving the growth of the infused water market.

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Currently, homemade infused water is also trending in many developed countries and such a trend signifies immense market potential for infused water. Development of travel-friendly packaging of the products may also propel the growth of the infused water market, as infused water is also applicable as a refreshing summer drink, carried on long trips. The consumer shift towards healthy beverages and a decline in the demand for fizzy drinks has also indirectly supported the growth of the infused water market. However, factors like lesser shelf life of the products may negatively affect the growth of the infused water market. Also, the health benefits offered by the infused water products are not backed by scientific research, which has affected consumer reliability, ultimately hindering the growth of the infused water market.

North America is the principal market for the infused water market, where it is already in the growth phase. Moreover, the presence of modern upscale retail outlets is allowing more place for specialty beverages on its shelves, indirectly acting as a driver for the growth of the infused water market in this region. Brazil is emerging as a major market for functional food and beverages and this creates a tremendous market potential for the infused water in Latin America. In Europe, infused water market is growing due to consumer shift towards non-alcoholic and healthy beverages. A variety and ready-made availability of flavored water products support the growth of infused water market in this region.

In the Asia Pacific, the infused water market is a nacent market and still in the introductory phase. A Small number of retail outlets allows a moderate growth for the infused water market in this region. In Middle-East and Africa, the infused water market sees a slow growth due to less consumer awareness and macroeconomic factors like less disposable income is also an obstacle for the growth of the market in this region, as infused water is mostly purchased by people with high income.

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Infused Water Market Key Players are: THE COCA-COLA COMPANY, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, Food Revolution Group Ltd, Trimino Brands Company, LLC, Hint Inc., Treo Brands LLC, Uncle Matt's Organic, HyEdge, Inc.