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Ingrown Hair Removal Treatment Special Offered at Manhattan, NY Day Spa


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/23/2013 -- Dyanna Spa is offering an ingrown hair removal treatment special at their day spa in Manhattan, N.Y. Usually, this 30-minute treatment costs $45. However, they are offering a 15 percent discount through September 30, 2013, so that more people can experience the benefits of this hair removal service.

Dyanna Spa’s ingrown hair removal treatment is normally available only to clients who have had a prior bikini wax or a Brazilian Bikini wax at their day spa. However, this special is available to anyone who would like to try this service.

Dyanna Spa’s owner Irina Gordon said, “Most people don’t realize that ingrown hairs are not only unattractive, but can lead to a host of problems, including swelling, pain, irritation and infection”.

“If left unattended,” she continued, “medical intervention may be required. With more men and woman seeking a hairless look, ingrown hairs are becoming more of an issue than ever”.

Coarse, curly hair, improper waxing, tight fitting clothing, or synthetic fabrics are all possible culprits causing ingrown hair. However, the biggest offender of all is shaving.

For men who shave, the most problematic area is facial skin, especially for those with curly hair. Women who shave their pubic area to look better in a bathing suit are prime targets for problems associated with ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs in the private areas for both men and women can lead to sebaceous cysts, which occurs when an ingrown hair blocks an oil gland. These cysts have to be either drained or removed.

Brazilian Bikini Exfoliation Treatment

To avoid the problems associated with shaving the bikini area, Dyanna spa recommends their Brazilian Bikini Exfoliation Treatment for both men and women. It’s very similar to a facial. An esthetician cleanses the area, and then applies an exfoliation mask made from natural ingredients, to the affected area. The hair is removed using a sterile disposable needle. The next step is the use of a high frequency machine, which kills any lingering bacteria, and helps prevent further inflammation.

Free consultation before ingrown hair treatment

Dyanna Spa offers a free consultation before suggesting an ingrown hair treatment.

“We know clients with obvious ingrown hair feel embarrassed or unattractive and we want to help them”, Gordon stated. “However, before we will consider administering our hair removal treatment, we first consult with our clients to determine what their particular situation is, at no charge”.

“The safety and the well-being of our clients are our main concerns, and if we see any infection, we will not treat them,” she explained. “We suggest they see their doctor about it and then return for treatment after they get the all clear.”

To consult with Dyanna Spa’s professionals regarding an ingrown hair treatment, call them at (212) 995-2355, or drop by their spa at 40 E. 21st Street in NYC. You can also visit their website at

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