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Initial Hygiene Malaysia Taking a Step Towards Enhancing an Office Image with Premium Scenting

The exposure to pleasant scents can significantly enhance employees’ performance. Learn more about the benefits of scenting to enhance your office environment.


Petaling Jaya, Malaysia -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/03/2014 -- Our nose is extremely powerful as it acts directly on the limbic system, which controls our emotions and memory. 75% of the emotions that we experienced daily are generated by our sense of smell, which make scent an influential element that triggers our behaviour and mood while creating unique memories. Studies have shown and proven the effectiveness of scent marketing in influencing customer’s behaviour. Besides establishing a stronger and longer-lasting emotional connection with the consumers, corporate organisations can leverage on scenting to boost their brand recognition, enhance the image of their offices and optimise employees’ job performance.

Create warm welcoming ambience with scenting

Over the years, business owners have been incorporating interior layout, colours, lightings, furniture and specific scents like refreshing lavender to create a warm welcoming office environment for the visitors and employees. Scenting induces a positive first impression and it complements the image the company, beyond the products or services that they offer.

Increase employees’ morale and productivity

Experiments have shown that exposure to pleasant fragrances significantly enhance employees’ task performance. Fragrance such as peppermint helps in increasing mental focus and stimulating clear thinking. Results from researches shown that clerical staffs made 54% fewer errors when they are exposed to lemon fragrance compared to those working in an unscented workplace whereas calming scent of green tea helps to sooth tensions and reduces stress. When employees are provided with calming working environment, they are more likely to feel less fatigued and have more motivation to produce greater results.

Odour remediation

Malodour developed in offices is caused from variety of factors, for example, musty smell may indicate the presence of moisture, mold or mildew due to food and beverage spillages. These bad odours get embedded in the carpet and the usual cleaning of the office is often not enough to remove the malodours. Surveys found that unpleasant odour is one of the major factors that contributes to indoor air quality problems which adversely affect work performance and it will leave your visitors with negative impression of your company. Scenting not only helps to eliminate bad smells but also improves air quality making it fresher and uplifting.

According to Ms. Carol Lam, the Managing Director of Rentokil Initial Malaysia, “The subtle use of scent can transform and enhance the human experience of a space particularly when artfully combined with visual elements and ambience scenting is about creating an emotional appeal to your properties, something that’s distinctive and will be remembered in a positive way.”

Premium Scenting by Initial Hygiene

Sensory branding has slowly transformed into an important role to drive business revenue. This is because scent marketing is able to speak for your brand, turning branding opportunity to loyalty and best yet, to distinguish your brand from others. Premium Scenting is flexible and can be used to scent spaces of any size, from a small room to a whole building. Because the diffusion of the scenting micro-droplets are controlled, the scenting of the space is 100% uniform and last longer in the air.

About Initial Hygiene Malaysia
Initial Hygiene is part of Rentokil Initial group, one of the largest business services companies in the world. After years of comprehensive researches, Initial Hygiene has developed a new range of Signature hygiene solutions. The Signature range is designed with clean and graceful curves, technologically enhanced with antibacterial surface to reduce the spread of germs, offering services that deliver consistently high standards of hygiene. Initial Hygiene solution includes Air Fresheners, Feminine Hygiene Services, Hand Hygiene and Toilet Sanitiser.

The company has over 60,000 employees providing a range of support services in over 60 countries where our brands have come to represent consistent quality of service. Rentokil Initial being the Experts in the Essentials will focus on taking care of the fundamental necessities in office sectors, leaving customers to focus on their core businesses.

At Rentokil Initial Malaysia, three brands are focused on providing the best services with nationwide coverage, fast response and expert technical knowledge: Rentokil Pest Control, Initial Hygiene and Ambius Interiors. Visit to find out how Rentokil Initial (M) Sdn Bhd can add value to different business sectors.

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