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Iniz.com Introduces Brand New SSD VP's Into the Market

Iniz.com has launched the new SSD Vps suitable for intensive IO usage


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2013 -- SSD VPS hosting is an excellent choice for faster performance of disk I/O. It is quite suitable for those who have a website with lots of read/write dynamic content. SSdVps improves the performance much more. SSD Vps utilizes solid state technology. Iniz.com has announced the launch of ssdVps, which is perfect for intensive IO operations.

SSD Vps from Iniz.com offers high performance to facilitate the websites to run faster and efficiently. It provides an effortless, consistent and valuable hosting solution to the customer. Many VPS hosting plans are available in the market today, which comes with many innovative attributes. Customers should choose the plan according to their requirements. Iniz.com is an ideal place where you can get the desired service. Solid State Drive Vps starts its functions within seconds. The SSD Cached VPS from Iniz.com is also very fast and arrives with more space. Cache denotes that the current read or write applications are temporally saved on a quick storage channel. Iniz.com’s SSD cached Vps demonstrates world class performance.

The new SSD VPSs from Iniz.com has the capability to write at 1.3GB/s and is accurate for customers looking for a consistent performance VPS for concentrated read/write databases and applications. The SSD nodes from the company are fuelled by Samsung SSDs that are tried and examined. Iniz is one of the leading companies that offer the high quality and valuable services to their customers. They offer a very friendly approach to their customer and work 24x7 a year. Their customer service team can solve various types of issues. This is the perfect place where you can discover different VPS hosting plans. They provide valuable services at affordable prices. They offer good web hosting services keeping in mind the worth of websites for the businesses. The payment methods are strictly confidential and customers are ensured about the security of their personal details.

“We are the ultimate destination providing top quality VPS hosting services, our VPS hosting services is the best solution with complete control and root access” says the owner of the company.

For further information, visit www.iniz.com the company’s official website.

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Iniz.com, located in UK, is a webhosting service provider. It is owned by Web Phase Limited. They provide a wide range of web hosting services at affordable rates. The services offered are budget VPS, SSD and SSD Cache.

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