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Iniz.com Launches Budget Vps Hosting Services


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2013 -- Budget virtual private server (VPS), today is a prominent web hosting option available to customers. Owing to its efficiency and consistency, it is the best tool which brings a balance between price and functioning. There are probably quicker and better platforms available in the market, but they would cost much more. Budget vps is the most proficient and inexpensive way of web hosting. Iniz.com’s budget vps is the best choice for those who require a web hosting platform.

This service from Iniz.com has ample substantial features which permits you to develop your businesses regardless of the limits. Budget vps hosting service from Iniz.com offers excellent service at low price. It offers exclusive vps hosting services. This service from Iniz.com is very affordable and provides a complete solution for root access and control. Their team of experts works towards offering good quality services at competitive prices. It is a cost-effective form of shared hosting which provides better protection. Budget VPS reduces the volume of power required to deliver the same performance and offers an improved and more operative website.

Iniz.co has its presence and offers vps hosting services in four locations namely; Alblasserdam, Netherlands and 3 regions of United States with businessconnections in Chicago, Buffalo, and Los Angeles. The network that Iniz.com makes use of ensures good server performance and dependability. The low utilization of connection allows high bursting. They make use of data centres that showcases connectivity with multiple gigabits. This helps them to manage all the needs of demanding clients as well. Iniz.co has three plans, namely, budget plan, monthly plan, and yearly plan. The budget vps package offered by them is listed on the website along with the necessary details and price. Their yearly vps plan is suitable for private vpn’s, DNS clusters, and for hosting small websites. All VPSs are delivered immediately after payment. Their incredible enterprise VPSs can be reinstalled to any prevailing operating systems without manual interference.

“Both the support and the servers are top notch and one of the best I have encountered. I can totally recommend Iniz if you are looking for Web or VPS hosting.” says Emil Valsson, a former customer of Iniz.com.

For further details, please visit the website www.iniz.com

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Iniz.com, located in UK, is a website that provides a wide range of web hosting services. The services offered are budget VPS, SSD and SSD Cache.

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