Injection Molding Company Expands Capabilities for Injection Molding for Two New Materials


Ambler, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2014 -- As a premier plastic injection molding company, Allflex has assisted customers with their injection molding needs. The company explains that there are several advantages to the injection molding process and can have a direct impact on the success of your production. Along with the several advantages present with choosing injection molding, Allflex also offers several advantages to choosing them over competitors in the industry.

Allflex now offers two new materials for price saving alternatives. The company offers metal injection molding and liquid silicone rubber injection molding processes. Along with plastic injection molding, these injection molding processes can manufacture parts in prototype volumes and typically up to several thousand parts. These processes of injection molding plastics, metal and silicone rubber in prototype and low volume applications also goes along with low cost tooling and quick turnaround times. The average tooling price range is from $4,000 to $7,000 dollars and the average time required to produce your parts – after receiving your 3D cad file, is 2 weeks (or less with an up charge). Allflex can also produce the 3D cad file and aid you in your design criteria.

In regards to Liquid silicone rubber injection molding, liquid silicone rubber has very good chemical, thermal and electrical resistance. It is also strong and has elastic qualities. The parts maintain their physical properties at very high temperatures and can withstand sterilization.

The experienced injection molding engineers at Allflex work with customers to design them a model part and then produce a 3D CAD model file. When determining cost-cutting methods, customers must understand that fastener selection, mold design and assembly procedures are an important factor.

The engineers at Allflex are always available to schedule a free consultation to discuss with customers their custom injection molding ideas. Whether customers inquire through email or by phone, company representatives will respond to questions immediately. To get started, please call 215-789-4441 today.

About Allflex
For more than 45 years, Allflex has been providing solutions for your parts and packaging needs. There is major emphasis on design with particular attention to material selection to enable top functional performance at reasonable prices. Allflex offers a variety of options in material selection, structural designs and solutions including those involving sustainable packaging. It starts with design, followed by prototypes, then production and if required, assembly.

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