PR Agency Offers Quality-Tested Injection Molds for Industrial Usage


Shenzhen, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2014 -- The mold manufacturing companies in the country have been consistently producing some of the most reliable plastic mold, plastic injection mold, and injection mold for the past couple of decades. The moulds manufactured in china are among the most used, reliable and cheapest in the world., a leading manufacturer, has recently started large-scale production of molds for various parts, including but not limited to car bumpers, plastic cups, computer components, microchip base, and much more.

“Our company makes use of the advanced machinery to achieve precision detailing” the owner of the Hao Yuan Xing mould Co., LTD, the parent company of told the press. He also added, “We employ some of the most advanced Taiwanese CNC machinery and highly adroit workmen operate machinery, which ensures a significant amount of annual production. This helps us export most of the products to western countries in Europe and the Americas.” special suit is not just limited to injection molds, but they are also well known for the plastic molds , which are currently in high demand and are being used in European and North American countries such as Italy, Germany, US, Japan etc. the plastic molds are precision made as per the client requirement, and the finished products undergo meticulous testing to meet the customer standards before they are shipped out. Hao Yuan Xing mould Co., LTD follows a high standard and any finished product that does not match the quality benchmarks are sent back to be factory. For over eighteen years, they have built their reputation as a trustworthy manufacturer in the world, which has increased their demand among the foreign companies.

Chinese plastic moulds are used by some of the most prestigious European companies, and have been so for almost two decades. The growth in the industry is attributed to the quality and the on-time delivery, which, according to the owners, is not hard considering the trained workforce and the state—of-the-art machinery being used to manufacture the molds.

About Hao Yuan Xing Mould Co., LTD
Hao Yuan Xing mould co., LTD is a well-known brand in the plastic mold industry, and has 18 years of strong industry presence.

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