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Injury Fix Reaches Huge Milestone with Online Videos


Long Island, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/12/2014 -- Injury Fix is excited to have reached a huge milestone with their web-based video series. Injury Fix’s YouTube channel, which features an inventory of specialized stretching tutorials, recently reached 1 million views and over 1.75 million minutes watched.

Injury Fix’s YouTube channel is chock full of self-help videos for athletes, elderly people, and those interested in general fitness. Offering free instructional videos on arm stretches, Achilles stretches, baseball stretches, basketball stretches, and much more, Injury Fix’s YouTube channel offers a wide variety of resources aimed at improving fitness through stretching.

Proper stretching is essential for sports injury management and flexibility. Virtually anyone can benefit from proper stretching. A commonly neglected yet vital part of exercise, proper stretching can improve mobility and help prevent injury. By using Injury Fix’s library of how-to videos, users can learn how to properly stretch multiple muscle groups without the need for costly instruction.

More information about Injury Fix’s YouTube channel can be found at

About Injury Fix
Injury Fix was established way back in 1995 (originally called the Stretching Institute) to help people treat their own injuries, in the safety and comfort of their own home, by providing the best stretching, flexibility and sports injury management tools and information.


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