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InLaw Investments Announces Plan to Rehabilitate Distressed Properties Providing Great Investment Opportunities


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/04/2014 -- InLaw Investments is an innovative new cash flow property wholesaler that is in the business of finding distressed properties and getting them back on the market. The company recently announced their overall strategy to find, rehabilitate and market these properties to provide quality housing for the rental and retail sale markets. The company uses the tagline, “Making Possibilities Realities” and that is exactly what the experts who work for the firm do. According to a company spokesperson, “There is no more satisfying job than to rehabilitate a property that has fallen off the market and get it back into top condition to receive a great new family for the neighborhood.

The InLaw Investments business plan is simple. The team locates distressed properties, rehabilitate these homes and then rent the newly refurbished home to qualified tenants. At that point they find investors looking to snap up rental properties at wholesale prices. The team focuses on finding homes in A-B class neighborhoods that are attractive places where most middle income families would be happy to live. According to another member of the InLaw team, “As the market is picking up momentum it is becoming more difficult to find and purchase these homes for private investors which is what makes Inlaw Investments business model compelling to them. We do all the heavy lifting so that our investors can enjoy maximum return on investment with very little effort.”

What makes the InLaw Investments strategy so appealing to investors looking to find rental properties for sale is that once they have rehabilitated a home they have already been showing it to potential tenants so the investors who buy the rental properties benefit from the support of the entire team setting up their cash flow. They, of course, rent their rehabilitated home to renters who have passed certain criteria, but when an investor or potential home owner comes along, they benefit from the company’s buying power and purchase the property at a below retail value so investors are immediately in an equity position. The company also has a plan in place to finance a portion of the real estate deal if the investor or potential buyer doesn’t have the full amount in cash to purchase the home outright.

The company highlights these services on their website, and a company spokesperson encouraged investors to visit the site which is filled with helpful information and visuals that demonstrate how the company takes a distressed home from disrepair to someone’s prized residence. The website also includes a helpful property search section where visitors can search for homes by price, location, and type of home, number of bedrooms or bathrooms and even the status of the property as it makes its way through the rehabilitation process.

More information is available to interested parties at the InLaw Investments website at Visitors to the site can also contact the firm using the embedded form on the website’s “Contact” page. InLaw Investments also has a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIN.

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