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Inlaw Investments, Inc Announces New Program for Rental Property Financing


Kansas City, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/28/2014 -- InLaw Investments, Inc. a new forward thinking real estate investment firm based in the U.S. with locations in Kansas City, MO, Charlotte, NC and Ft. Lauderdeale, FL. This week Inlaw Investments, Inc. announced they will now provide "rental property financing options" for investors looking to purchase turnkey rental properties in the Kansas city, MO area. Their new program for Rental property financing is open to Canadian citizens as well. To qualify investors simply need 35% of the purchase price at the time of closing. Inlaw Investments will then finance up to 65% on a fixed 30 year note. With this simple financing tool investors are gaining an average of 10 to 12% cash on cash return.

According to Shawn Bandick, VP of sales for Inlaw Investments, "We developed this rental property financing option for rental property investors because we saw so many of them wanted to invest but have the option to leverage into two houses instead of one with the full purchase price in cash. We also saw the need to provide this service now as we have many Canadian investors just across the border." Bandick goes on to say “Inlaw Investments has effectively now bypassed the gap between most rental property investors looking for financing and the banks. Most investors that use InLaw Investments rental property financing intend to refinance with a traditional bank at a lower rate within the first 5 years. This is good portfolio management and will maximize your cash flow. Although acquiring a first mortgage on a rental income property is next to impossible conversely it is not that difficult to refinance the property after a few years of owning it and making monthly mortgage payments.”

Recently Inlaw Investments conducted a Google Hangout video discussing some more details of this new rental property financing program the video can be seen here or on youtube.

Securing rental property financing has long been something very elusive to investors of residential rental income properties. The simple fact everyone knows is that banks especially banks in the U.S. typically do not lend money to a non-occupant borrower. Further to that point U.S. banks rarely if ever will underwrite a loan for residential investment property of any kind to foreigners. This new rental property financing option opens the doors to investors that up until now simply had to wait and save or miss out on buying homes for rental income. What makes the InLaw Investments strategy so compelling to investors looking to finance rental properties is that once they have rehabilitated a home they have already been showing it to potential tenants so the investors who buy the rental properties benefit from the support of the entire team setting up their cash flow. The monthly rent check the investor receives covers the mortgage payment and there is always a strong positive monthly cash flow. Inlaw Investments shows investors how they benefit from the company's buying power and purchase the property at a below retail value and of course offer all of this with rental property financing.

The company highlights these services on their website, and a company spokesperson invited investors to visit the site which is filled with helpful information about rental property financing options, property videos and listings. The website also includes a helpful property search section where visitors can search for homes by price, location, and type of home, number of bathrooms or bedrooms and even the status of the property as it makes its way through the process.

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InLaw Investments Inc. has 25 years of experience in real estate and property investment. We currently have investments in the US, Canada, and the Caribbean coast of Mexico.

Our mission is to create the full package for our clients, to include financing, acquisition, rehab and produce high quality rental or retail sale properties. The properties listed here are samples of the type of product we work with.

Shawn Bandick can be reached at 704 557 0382
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