Duane Wille

Innovating and Transforming Companies Into Market Leaders

As Duane A. Wille stated: “In order to remain a bullet proof market leader against the economic tsunami forces in today's intensely competitive............


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/28/2012 -- As Duane A. Wille stated: “In order to remain a bullet proof market leader against the economic tsunami forces in today's intensely competitive, highly volatile market place, companies need genuine, optimized transformation at the root level across all areas of the company. It is a zero sum game. Be bullet proof or be eliminated.”

Duane A. Wille has been something of a business unto himself for over two decades. Mr. Duane Willie has held many titles over the years - Chief Executive Officer being one that recurs rather frequently when reviewing his career - but while he has worked for, overseen, or consulted myriad different types of companies, his approach has always been similar: use your money wisely and use your people and resources well. Duane Wille has proven time and time again that often all an organization needs is a fresh look at itself: often the pieces needed to produce success are there, just not in their proper places.

Perhaps the two main sides of Mr. Duane Willie's education have shaped his thinking about the proper approach to business: he holds a bachelor's degree in accounting from the University of Northern Iowa and has an MBA degree from Drake University. He is also certified as a CPA in the state of Iowa. The confluence of learning about both the nuts and bolts details of accounting and finance put together with the practices and theory learned in business school equipped Duane Wille to hit the ground running. The ground, in this case, was the business world, which he has been influencing for many years.

Mr. Duane Wille's early career was largely guided by his accounting and finance background and training. He found work with various corporations thanks to these qualifications, and swiftly advanced up through the ranks as his potential and abilities were recognized and his hard work rewarded. Duane A. Wille's attention to cost cutting where possible, his vigilant watch over accounting figures and practices, and his overall enthusiasm and natural business acumen had him operating as a COO in very short order.

During his career, Duane Wille has worked at companies with employees numbering anywhere from a few dozen to several hundred. He has helped manage (or been the head of) companies both private and public, and has even overseen the IPO process for several companies. Boards and other executives seek Duane Willie out: his experience and his high rate of professional success make his guiding hand act as a steadying influence in times of change.

Duane A Wille's record of success comes largely from his “unique understanding of the interplay of businesses in transition.” Whereas most people look at a business with faltering sales or flagging share value and think that any effort put into it is just rearranging the proverbial deck chairs on the Titanic, Mr. Wille always sees opportunities when he considers a business, no matter if it is in a state of ascendance or decline. He has shown many times his ability to join a company and to help bolster it against lackluster sales and performance. His approach is always a mix of common sense, innovation, and, of course, careful attention paid to finance.

Wherever money can be saved without sacrificing quality, he works to cut costs. Wherever a more efficient alternative to a given procedure or product exists, Duane Wille implements the changes. By seeking out SEO marketing efforts, reducing antiquated print advertising, vendor negotiations, outsourcing and reducing fuel costs for a company that operates a fleet of trucks, as well as optimizing the company's call volume, Duane Willie reduced cost by 7% and increased the company's annual revenue by double digit annually. At another company, which the board had recruited him to run, Duane Wille worked to create a new business strategy and to streamline the way the company was managed, and ended up increasing revenue by an astonishing 21% over just two years. Making this achievement all the more impressive is the fact that Duane Wille managed to turn a business around in the depths of the recent recession, at a time when companies of all sizes and all stripes were succumbing to the collapsing market. Even during

what is already commonly called “The Great Recession,” Duane A. Wille saw potential for growth and innovation in companies that were facing their own shuttered doors before bringing him aboard.

Duane Wille has described his ability to address “market uncertainty and solve complex problems adversely impacting value creation for corporate shareholders, private equity investors and owner/entrepreneurs” casually, as though it were a simple skill anyone could learn. While surely his competence as a business leader is partially derivative of his education, that alone cannot explain why he was such an effective businessman so early on in his career. His success is as much the result of training and experience as it is from a preternatural competence and an ability to identify those parts of a company that are either weak and need support, are dead weight and should be trimmed, and those that offer the most resilience and promise and should be exploited.

Over the years, Duane Wille has been the Chief Executive Officer of no fewer than three companies, and he has worked as a high-level executive and/or consultant at plural more organizations. Duane Wille has several active memberships in business organizations: he is a member with the National Association of Corporate Directors, with the Turnaround Management Association, and with the Association for Corporate Growth. These organizations share a common goal, which, simply put, is to make business work better. This could easily said to be the driving force of Duane A. Wille's life as well.

Duane Wille has spent his career working tirelessly to make companies more effective, more efficient, and more profitable, and he has satisfied the demands of plural boards and has won the regard of scores of employees over the years as he has done just what he is hired to do: make businesses work better. Whether it was moving a company away from an outdated print advertising campaign and launching an online marketing blitz or whether it was saving money through tried and true careful accounting techniques, Duane Wille has always found the best ways to make the various companies for which he has worked the best they can be.