Wood Tree Swings

Innovative Accessories from Woodtree Swing Make All the Difference

Super Spinner and Hanging Kits Add Entirely New Dimensions to Fun


Morgantown, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/18/2016 -- One of the only things better than a great product is a great accessory. Accessories enhance the effect of the product, and make for a more enjoyable, safer experience for all. Much in the same way that accessories enrich the appearance of men and women everywhere, the accessories from the swing experts at Woodtree Swings are the perfect companions to their marvelous products. The most identifiable items are the Super Spinner and the Hanging Kit, but the straps used by Woodtree are also top notch – utilizing a heavy duty webbing material that is coupled with a lifetime warranty.

Since the inception of the Woodtree Swing company in 2007, there have been many companies that attempted to replicate the glory of the Super Spinner. None have been able to capture the true, original brilliance of this device, even though there were a few swing businesses in existence. The hanging kits provide their own unique value to the swings sold by the North Carolina-based company. Their strength is unparalleled, with a breaking strength of 5000 lbs., an incredible number. Not to be outdone are the straps used in conjunction with the swings. Engineered with heavy duty webbing these straps are paired with a lifetime warranty!

"Much like the construction of the swings, the accessories we make are made to last, from quality, durable materials," commented founder and owner of Woodtree Swings Deron Morrow. He continued, saying "Over the years we have heard great feedback from our customers, who are pleased to have accessories that augment their swings, and make them all around better."

About Wood Tree Swings
Wood Tree Swings was founded in 2007 by North Carolina native Deron Morrow, a man imbued with a lifelong passion for woodworking. All of the tree swings they sell are handcrafted, one at a time, here in the United States. Each one is created with special attention to ensure superb quality, safety, and durability. The tree swings from this North Carolina-based company are engineered with sturdy, weather-protected wood with rounded corners and coupled with strong ropes and a 30 day, money back guarantee as well as a lifetime warrantee. The company ships their product all across the globe within 24 hours of order processing.