Innovative and Affordable Air Filters for Home - The Magnetic Filter Grille

The newly patented Magnetic Filter Grilles are effective air filters for home that enhance the indoor air quality. The product is currently participating in Walmart’s ‘get on the shelves’ contest.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2013 -- Good Indoor Air quality is vital for healthy living. People are usually biased that pollution occurs only outdoors and they are completely unaware of indoor pollution. Dusts and dirt from the cold air return system are one of the most common causes for indoor pollution and it may lead to various health complications like sneeze, cold, coughs and even asthma. There are many air filters for home available in the market, although only few can be affective to maintain good indoor air quality. The Magnetic Filter Grille is a revolutionary new product by Prime Products LLC that has gained tremendous attention in the recent months for being an effective approach to maintaining clean indoor air.

The Magnetic Filter Grille is a newly patented system that helps maintain healthy and clean air at homes. The polypropylene filtration technology in this innovative Filter Grille generates static charge that causes the dirt and dust to stick to it without allowing it to reach the ducts in the furnace. Prime Product LLC promises that their Magnetic Filter Grille is superior to other air filters because of its proven ability to keep contaminants from entering the cold air return system. The grille with its filter and frame combines to form a simple yet effective approach to offer a safe and healthy indoor environment for homes. The Magnetic Filter Grille can be installed very quickly and can also be removed for cleaning. This innovative air filter is vacuum and dishwasher friendly and can also be washed in the sink. Apart from the benefit of providing a clean indoor environment, the Magnetic Filter Grille also aids in the effective functioning of the furnace by keeping dust from entering it. This air filter is also known for extending the life and performance of furnaces.

About Prime Products LLC
Prime Products LLC is a Missouri based company that provides quality home improvement products and services. Since early 2012, the company has been delivering new products that enhance the living conditions at home. The Magnetic Filter Grille is currently participating in the ‘get on the shelves’ contest at Wal-Mart. The filter grille is available in multiple 6x, 8x and 10x sizes.

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